Past CRR Projects

Since 1994 the Catchment Remediation Rate program has funded the construction of more than 430 Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices (SQIDs) (PDF 42.6MB) across Hornsby Shire. These SQIDs help improve the quality of stormwater by removing pollutants such as litter, sediment, nutrients, and heavy metals retaining and slowing stormwater flows. Projects include the following devices and works:

Site LocationDeviceStatus
Normanhurst Park 1
Normanhurst Park 2
Normanhurst Park, Normanhurst
Gross Pollutant Trap , Biofiltration Basin & Stormwater Harvesting Completed
Margaret Ave, Hornsby HeightsGross Pollutant Trap
A gross pollutant trap was completed in December 2021 at Margaret Ave, Hornsby Heights. The gross pollutant trap will provide treatment to stormwater flows by screening and capturing water pollution such as litter and floatable waste from entering our bushland and waterways.
Nirimba BiofilterNirimba Reserve, EppingBiolfiltration and Creek line Remediation
A biofiltration basin and creek line remediation works were completed in November 2021 at Nirimba Reserve, Epping  (photo attached). The biofiltration basin included plantings that will provide pollutant removal by supporting microbial processes that utilise nutrients amongst other pollutants. The project also re-established the natural features of the watercourse (i.e., plunge pools, settling pools etc.) that provide habitat and enhanced the ecological diversity of the site.
Site LocationDeviceCompletion
Thomas Wilkinson Bio basin
Thomas Wilkinson Ave, Dural
Biofiltration Basin 15-01-20
Cawthorn Bio Basin
Cawthorn Rd ( Rofe Park), Hornsby
Gross Pollutant Trap , Biofiltration Basin & Stormwater Harvesting 24-04-20
Lessing  Park Bio Basin
Lessing Park , Hornsby
Gross Pollutant Trap, Biofiltration Basins 23-10-20
Reddy Park - GPT & Creekline
Reddy Park , Hornsby
Gross Pollutant Trap 06-11-20