Current and Upcoming CRR Projects

A biofiltration basin is currently under construction at Ron Payne Park.

  • The works will include a gross pollutant trap upslope to screen gross pollutants (i.e. floatable, paper etc..) a biofiltration basin /plantings and stormwater harvesting storage
  • The biofiltration basin surface area is 131sqm and is a soil-plant based filtration system that provide treatment to stormwater flows through physical screening and a biological pollutant removal by supporting microbial processes that utilises nutrients amongst other pollutants
  • The project will also have the capability to harvest 77,000 litres of treated water that will be stored via modules under the basin and reused to irrigate the park
  • The project is schedule to be completed in June 2022.

Upcoming projects will include a gross pollutant trap in Thomas Wilkinson Ave, Dural which will prevent stormwater pollution from entering the bushland corridor of Georges Creek.