Application to remove or prune trees and vegetation

Please follow the application process below to request a permit which will be assessed by one of Council’s qualified arborists.

The owner of the property needs to complete the consent on the permit application form. Permission by property type includes:

  • Property owner – living in the property
  • Property owner – renting out the property (tenant are not eligible to provide permission)
  • Authorised officer of a Strata or Company title property
  • Body Corporate of Strata where the tree is located on common property
    • Shared common property (between 2 properties) permission of both property owners
    • Shared common property (between 3 properties or more) the permission of the Body Corporate is required under its seal on letterhead.

To complete an application and pay online, visit the online services portal below:

Apply online

To download an application, click the link below:

Application to Prune or Remove a Tree