Public Trees and Vegetation

If you are concerned about a tree located on Council owned or managed land (eg nature strips, parks and sportsgrounds) lodge a service request with Council.

Your request will then be assessed by one of Council’s qualified arborists using current industry methodologies and standards.

Once you have lodged a service request, Council will inform you in writing when it has commenced action on your request. Please use the service request search tool to view progress and / or updates.

Lodge a service request

Telephone – Call Council’s Customer Service team on 9847 6666 (office hours)

Typical requests include:
  • The collection of branches fallen from nature strip trees
  • General pruning and maintenance of street trees
  • Request to plant a tree on nature strip
  • Investigation of private trees overhanging public spaces (nature strip, walkway, footpath etc)
  • For queries in relation to power line clearance pruning, please call Ausgrid Customer Service Centre on 13 15 35
  • Council will not approve requests for tree pruning or removal based on leaf or fruit fall, sap drop, or bird or bat droppings, as these are natural processes of trees and wildlife.
Council does not consider the following as reasons to prune or remove a tree:
  • Based on leaf or fruit fall, sap drop, or bird / bat droppings, as these are natural processes of trees and wildlife
  • Increased access to direct light for solar panels
  • Damage to domestic services unless the restoration works will adversely affect tree stability or longevity
  • Affecting buildings, driveways, hard landscaping such pavers or retaining walls unless the repair will adversely affect the trees stability and longevity.
  1. Where existing trees are required to be removed, replacement planting will occur. In some cases where existing trees are not performing and in poor condition, the opportunity exists for rejuvenation of the street tree plantings.
  2. All programmed street tree planting is scheduled between autumn and spring when the opportunity for successful plant establishment occurs.
  3. All new planting will be undertaken by staff or by contractual services using current industry best practices. The species selection for new planting will be determined from a site assessment by a Council arborist and takes into consideration:
    • The growing environment and space available
    • Compatibility with services (overhead and underground service, line of sight for vehicles)
    • Adjoining land uses and buildings
    • Street character and context
    • Tree characteristics.