What tree works on Private Property can be undertaken without a permit

In accordance with Council’s Tree Preservation Chapter exemptions
  1. You can remove a tree where you have provided Council evidence in the form of photographic or video imagery and/or in conjunction with a written statement from an arborist holding a Diploma in Arboriculture:
    1. It is dead, and it is not the habitat of native wildlife or
    2. It is an imminent risk to human life and / or is likely to cause substantial damage to your property.
  2. You can remove a tree if it is listed under the NSW Biosecurity Act, 2015
  3. Removal of deadwood for the purpose of tree maintenance in accordance with the Australian Standard for Pruning of Amenity Trees, 2007 (AS4373-2007)
  4. Live branches can be pruned only where they are causing nuisance eg if touching your roof you can prune up to 10% of the leaf canopy (area) of a tree on your property
  5. The tree owner may remove a tree within three (3) metres of an approved dwelling (excluding detached garages, carports and other buildings ancillary to a dwelling / house). This measurement must be taken from the trunk of the tree to the external wall of the building at 1.4 meters above ground level.
  6. The removal of a tree less than 3 metres in height not located within native vegetation
  7. You can remove a tree if it is on Council’s list of exempt tree species
  8. If the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has designated your property to be in a 10/50 area, you may have access to the entitlement to remove:
    1. Trees within 10 metres of your home,
    2. Vegetation / shrubs within 50 metres of your home

All work must be undertaken in accordance with the 10/50 code of practice. Enquiries for the application of the code of practice need to be made directly to the RFS.