Public Trees and Vegetation

If you are concerned about a tree located on Council land, or if you consider that a Council owned or managed tree is damaging footpaths, is a potential hazard to persons or property, you may lodge a request for Council to prune, remove or make safe the tree by registering a service request online or by contacting Councils Customer Service team on 9847 6666 during office hours.

One of Council's qualified arborists or ecologists will inspect the tree and decide the best management strategy for the situation. Their assessment will be based around current industry methodology.  Some of the factors that will be considered include:

  • risk of personal injury posed by the tree
  • risk of damage to buildings, structures or services
  • the trees health, growth habit, stability and structural soundness
  • the significance of the tree
  • the contribution of the tree to the surrounding landscape.

Council will not approve requests for tree pruning or removal based on leaf or fruit fall, sap drop, or bird or bat droppings, as these are natural processes of trees and wildlife.

Possible Actions

The Tree Officer may determine one or more of the following options:

  • removal of unsuitable or hazardous trees subject to replacement planting being undertaken where necessary
  • general pruning to remove dead, diseased, dying, defective and conflicting branches deemed to be detrimental to the tree or to public safety
  • branch or root pruning (outside the structural root zone) to reduce encroachment on utilities or buildings
  • removal of lower branches for vehicle or pedestrian access
  • remedial pruning to prolong the useful life expectancy of damaged trees
  • no pruning or removal action.

All tree pruning will be conducted in accordance with Australian Standard AS4373 - 2007, Pruning of Amenity Trees and Council's Tree Pruning Guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a fallen street tree branch picked up?

Request the collection of branches fallen from nature strip trees or from trees on Council owned or managed land (eg parks and sportsgrounds) by registering a service request online or phone Council's Customer Service Team on 9847 6666.

Do I need approval to prune my street tree?

Yes. Make a request for street tree pruning or register a service request online or phone Council on 9847 6666 during office hours.

Pruning of street trees for power line clearance

Ausgrid or relevant network provider is the service authority responsible for pruning nature strip trees to maintain clearance from overhead power lines. The Ausgrid website provides information residents may find helpful or you can contact the Ausgrid Customer Service Centre on 13 15 35.