Pennant Hills Park

Proposed Pedestrian Path Network

Council is proposing a network of new pedestrian paths at Pennant Hills Park. The proposed works will facilitate safe pedestrian movement connecting sports facilities, parking, and buildings.

The project stage 1 works were proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Hornsby Shire Council.

Project Updates

Update April 2023

Construction of pathways, drainage, lawn, and fencing works are complete northwest and west of Oval 1 and west of Oval 2.

Pennant Hills Park path

Pennant Hills Park fencing

Pennant Hills Park path

Pennant Hills Park fencing

Pennant Hills Park path

Pennant Hills Park fencing

Update June 2022

Construction of pathway, drainage and parallel parking works on the road from parking exit at netball area to tennis area entry is now complete.

concrete path next to road

concrete path alongside road

concrete path alongside road

Update February 2022

Construction of pathway works on the eastern and southern side of Oval 1 are now complete. The shared path along with sandstone retaining walls are functional, where the sandstone blocks can function as seating for park users and for spectators during game events.

concrete path with amenities building

path next to park

path with gate

path with stone wall and fence

path with stone walls

path with trees alongside

Recently completed works include

  • Construction of shared path along the east and south side of Oval 1.
  • Sandstone retaining walls acting as a seating along the athletic long jump track and the Oval 1 and Oval 2 interface area.
  • The construction of new pathways near the existing carpark at netball area connecting the existing path from Pennant Hills Oval 3.
  • A pathway connecting from the south of tennis court No.9.
  • Traffic calming measures such as additional speed humps and traffic signs installed.
  • Construction of Pathway, drainage and parallel parking along the road from netball area parking exit to tennis entry area.

Proposed works include

  • The works along the road in front of tennis courts involve upgrading the existing section of unpaved parallel parking to paved parking and a separate pedestrian path.
  • Improved path access around Oval 1.
  • Improved path access to Oval 2.

The works are ongoing since September 2021 and are anticipated to continue till end of 2022.



Amay Cascar, Ph 02 9847 6402 (Landscape Architect / Project Manager)