Brooklyn Improvement Master Plan

December 2018

Council has identified that matters raised by the community during the engagement process on the Brooklyn Improvement Masterplan were more aligned to a place management/place making approach rather than a development masterplan.

Given this, and the fact that a number of tasks for the Brooklyn Masterplan project were not completed to Council’s expectations, Council has endorsed that priority be given to working with the community on a place-making approach with a focus on achievable improvements in Brooklyn, using the early work completed by the consultant on the project.

You will hear more from us in early 2019, but in the meantime you may wish to review the Brooklyn Constraints Analysis/Vision and Place Principles draft report - 13.8MB. Although this remains a working document for engagement purposes and has not been endorsed formally by Council, it provides a basis for further discussions with the community on moving forward with a place-making approach to improving Brooklyn.

June 2017

The project consultant, McGregor Coxall has been busy collating feedback which identified the community’s favourite places, critical issues and opportunities. The consultant has also been discussing opportunities with relevant State agencies and progressing additional traffic modelling, parking investigation and economic opportunities.

On 21 June 2017, Councillors received a briefing on future opportunities and next steps in the Master Plan process. Councillors agreed that as the Council election is to be held in September 2017, further progression of the project should be deferred until the next term of Council. This would enable the new Council to be briefed on this important project before commencing the next phase of consultation.

In the interim, the project team will continue to liaise with State agencies to further refine the proposed strategies for Brooklyn. After consideration by the new Council, a further update will be provided before the end of the year.

April 2017

Following the community engagement meeting in November 2016, the project consultants McGregor Coxall have been identifying initiatives and opportunities for Brooklyn in consultation with the specialist sub-consultants.  The proposed opportunities are currently under consideration and will be presented to the Project Control Group after consultation with key State Government agencies.  Upon endorsement, this material would be presented to the Community Reference Group and the next round of community consultation will be notified shortly thereafter.

NSW Regional Ports Strategy

The NSW Department of Industry – Lands is undertaking a NSW Regional Ports Strategy, that includes the port of Brooklyn.  The strategy is focused on the physical assets owned by Department of Industry.

The Department of Industry is currently consulting with local councils and the community.  The information provided throughout this consultation process will help to identify options that best meet the needs of all stakeholders at each regional port and to assist in prioritising specific actions for each location.  To join the conversation, access the link below.  Consultation is open until the 28th April 2017.

For More Information:

November 2016 - Community Round Table Workshop

A Community Round Table Workshop was held at the Brooklyn Meeting Room on Saturday 26 November 2016. Currently, the project consultants are in the process of collating and analysing the information gathered from the workshop.

The results, along with other potential strategies will be presented to the Project Control Group early next year.  Upon endorsement, this material would be made available on Council’s website and all attendees of the Community Roundtable session will be notified of the report by email.

The Brooklyn Improvement Master Plan - Process Overview provides further information

What is the purpose of the Brooklyn Improvement Master Plan?

The purpose of the Master Plan is to provide a comprehensive blueprint for the future of Brooklyn, taking into account all the factors that impact local residents and visitors.

It includes:

  • Comprehensive consultation that will include feedback from workshops and stakeholder participation;
  • Analysis of opportunities and constraints;
  • Tourism and economic growth analysis;
  • Traffic and parking analysis

Brooklyn Improvement Master Plan - Process Overview

Why is Council developing an Improvement Master Plan for Brooklyn?

In a 2014, Brooklyn residents and businesses were surveyed on their vision for the future of the community. They identified the need to improve public facilities and amenities, and also flagged the opportunities to further develop tourism and the local economy.

Concerns were also raised around growth, impacts of development, heritage, increased traffic, demand for parking, and river access.

A Master Plan would consider all these issues and provide a framework for addressing them.

Where are we up to?

To learn more about the Stage 1 process, please download the Stage 1 Community Information Board. - completed

Stage 2 involved developing a shared vision and principals. - completed

Stage 3 includes developing a series of strategies and ideas to address the needs of the community. Download the Stage 3 Community Information Board.- in progress

Stage 4 involves the preparation of a Draft Master Plan which would be submitted to Council for consideration.

The final draft Brooklyn Improvement Master Plan would then considered by Council for exhibition and adoption after the 2017 Council election.

Community Reference Group

A Community Reference Group (CRG) of 32 members has also been established to provide information and bounce ideas at a series of meetings.

The first Community Reference Group (CRG) meeting was held in August 2016. A second meeting was held in early November 2016 and another is being planned for early 2017.

Community Reference Group Members (as of Oct 2016) - 17kb

Progress so far

November 2016

Community Round Table Workshop

Community Reference Group Meeting #2

October 2016

Project Control Group Meeting #2 - Minutes - 30kb

Community Open day – Brooklyn Community Meeting Rooms

September 2016

Agency Reference Group Meeting #1 - Minutes - 30kb

Community Open Day – Brooklyn Spring Fair

August 2016

Project Control Group Meeting #1 - Minutes - 31kb

Community Reference Group Meeting #1

Council staff briefing and workshop

July 2016

Work begins on Community Communication Strategy, and Economic Strategy.

June 2016

Council selected consultants McGregor Coxall to develop the Brooklyn Improvement Master Plan.

December 2015

Community and Agency Reference Groups were established based on expressions of interest from community groups, businesses and individuals.

November 2015

Submissions from suitably qualified and experienced consultants were sought by open tender to develop a draft Brooklyn Improvement Master Plan.

November 2014

Council surveys residents and visitors on Brooklyn's Future. Download Brooklyn's Future - A Community Survey - Summary of Responses - 4.7MB

September 2014

Council resolves to survey community and visitor views to identify the community’s vision for Brooklyn’s future.