Community Recycling Centre

COVID-19 UPDATE – Friday, 8 October 2021

Council’s Thornleigh Community Recycling Centre (CRC) is open to all visitors with COVID Safety Rules in place.

Please remember to sort and organise your CRC items when loading your car at home to assist easy self-unloading and to minimise the time you need to spend on site. All CRC visits are strictly drive through only – no street parking and walk-ins are permitted.

Everything you can do to help us, will help keep the CRC open.

CRC opening hours
  • Tuesday-Friday 8.30am-4pm
  • Saturday 8.30am-12pm (please note the extended access hours on Saturdays have now ended)
  • Closed Mondays

Strict COVID Safety Rules will apply and we ask residents to follow the directions of CRC staff and any traffic control operators on approaching roads.

COVID Safety Rules
  • Mandatory QR code check in
  • Stay in your car until directed
  • Wear your mask at all times
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Customers self-unload to designated bins
  • Minimise time at site

The Thornleigh Community Recycling Centre (CRC) makes it easy for residents to safely dispose of problem wastes that cannot go into household garbage bins or kerbside collection.

This is a free service for households.

Location: 29 Sefton Road Thornleigh (see site map)
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, 8.30am-4pm; Saturday 8.30am-12pm
Closed Public Holidays

Residents can drop off the following items for FREE. For items not listed below please refer to the A-Z Waste and Recycling Guide.

car batteriesCar and motorcycle batteries - All sizes and types.

Tip: Wear gloves when handling.

textilesClothing and accessories - Hats, belts, shoes, handbags, etc. Household textiles such as rugs, linen, towels and curtains are NOT accepted.

Tip: Ensure your items are bagged.


Electronic Waste - Televisions, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, PC monitors, loose hard drives, keyboards, plastic computer speakers, motherboards, video and sound cards, printers (with toners removed), scanners, network devices, set top boxes, mice, other computer parts,
cables, IT accessories, gaming equipment, web cameras, DVD and VCR players, CD and DVD discs (discs only not the covers).

Find out more about E-waste

fire extiguisherFire Extinguishers - Any type used in the home.
cardboardFlattened cardboard - Large sheets of cardboard or excess flattened boxes that do not fit in yellow lid bin at home.

Tip: Flatten boxes before coming to the CRC.
fluro lightsFluorescent light globes and tubes  - All types.

Tip: Wrap broken globes or tubes in newspaper or plastic bag.
gas bottleGas Bottles - Any type used for BBQ, camping or caravan. Also accepted are oxygen, butane, helium etc canisters.
household batteriesHousehold batteries - Single use and rechargeable batteries. All sizes and types.
Tip: Remove packaging for unused batteries.
mobile phonesMobile phones - All types, old and new.

Find out more about E-waste

motor oilMotor oils - Containers of sump oil, engine oil, two and four stroke oil, diesel oil, lubricating oil etc.

Tips: Decant the same types of oil into fewer containers before coming to the CRC. Put empty containers into red lid garbage bin.
other oilsOther oils - Containers of cooking oils, auto transmission fluid, brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, power steering fluid, engine coolant etc

Tips: Decant the same types of oil into fewer containers before coming to the CRC. Put empty containers into red lid garbage bin.
oil paint water paintPaint - Oil based and water based tins of paint. In liquid form. Also accepted are solvent based paint, metallic enamel paint and epoxy paint.

Tips: Decant the same types of paint into fewer tins before coming to the CRC. Take lids off empty tins. Put both lid and empty tin into red lid garbage bin. 

Find out more about hazardous waste
polystyrenePolystyrene - Accepting white rigid Polystyrene from packaging without sticky tape from small and large appliances, white fruit and vegetable boxes. Number 6 only. No coloured, waxy or flexible foam, bean bag/packaging beans, meat trays or takeaway food containers.
ink cartridgesPrinter cartridges - All sizes and types. Liquid and powder toners.
Tip: Remove all packaging for unused cartridges.
smoke detectorsSmoke Detectors - Any type used in the home.

Tip: Remove batteries.
soft plasticsSoft plastic bags and plastic packaging - If it is clean and can be scrunched into a ball.

Tip: Check this list for more detail.
aerosolsSpray cans - Canisters containing hazardous material such as spray paint, varnish, WD40, fly spray etc

Find out more about hazardous waste

For items not listed above please refer to the A-Z Waste and Recycling Guide.

Only household quantities and container sizes of these materials will be accepted.
For enquiries contact Council’s Waste Hotline: 13 70 30.

Storing and transporting your wastes

Please handle and transport your materials carefully and safely. Wear gloves and protect your vehicle by placing items on a protective sheet or tray in the boot to capture any leaks or breaks

This Community Recycling Centre is supported by the Environmental Trust as part of the NSW EPA’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative in partnership with Hornsby Shire Council.

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