社交媒体简介- Introduction to Social Media (Mandarin)

2024-05-28 10:15:00 2024-05-28 12:30:00 Australia/Sydney 社交媒体简介- Introduction to Social Media (Mandarin) Fully booked. Waitlist available社交媒体网站可以帮助您与他人沟通和共享信息。在本次研讨会中,您将了解一些流行的社交媒体应用程序,并了解您可以使用哪些服务以及何时使用。 新州老年人科技通 由Telstra 和新南威尔士州政府合作提供。本课程将以普通话授课。 时间:5 月 28 日星期二上午 10 点 15 分至中午 12 点 30 分地点: Hornsby... Australia Sean O'Hagan
Location: Hornsby Library, 28-44 George Street, Hornsby
Event cost: Free. Bookings are essential
Contact: Hornsby Library

Fully booked. Waitlist available


新州老年人科技通 由Telstra 和新南威尔士州政府合作提供。


时间:5 月 28 日星期二上午 10 点 15 分至中午 12 点 30 分

地点: Hornsby 图书馆, 28-44 George Street, Hornsby. 从 Hunter Lane 进入


预订:凭票进场,必须提前预订。请访问 在线预订,或者前往任何一家 Hornsby Shire 图书馆分馆预订


Social media sites can help you communicate and share information with others. In this workshop you will get to know some popular social media apps and learn about which services you can use and when.

Tech Savvy Seniors is delivered in partnership with Telstra and the New South Wales state government.

This class will be taught in Mandarin.

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Hornsby Library

28-44 George Street, Hornsby