Report Water Pollution

It's important to be able to clean up pollution incidents as soon as possible to limit their damage. If you see something of concern, please report an incident by clicking the button below or phoning Council on 9847 6666.

Important information when making the report includes:

  1. Location
  2. Time and date of the incident
  3. What it looks and smells like
  4. Whether you witnessed the pollution incident firsthand
  5. Your contact details.

Report water pollution

Investigation of Water Pollution Incidents by Hornsby Shire Council

Council has a team of Environmental Compliance Officers who investigate water pollution incidents.

Council’s Officer’s carry out both desktop and field investigations and once the person(s) responsible for the water pollution incident is/are identified, Council can take the following actions:

  • Education to support positive behavioural change
  • Issue a Penalty Infringement Notice to the person(s) responsible, and/or
  • Issue one of the following under the Protection of the Environmental Operations Act 1997:
    • Clean-Up Notice – to take such clean-up action as is specified in the notice and within such period as is specified in the notice
    • Prevention Notice – to take such action, as is specified in the notice and within such period (if any) as is specified in the notice, to ensure that the activity is carried on in future in an environmentally satisfactory manner at any premises or by any person (otherwise than at premises).