Council seeks commitment to infrastructure to support NSW Government housing targets

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While Hornsby Shire Council is pleased that the NSW Government’s Transport Orientation Development (TOD) Program for Hornsby endorses its existing Hornsby Town Centre Masterplan, which identifies opportunities for over 4,900 new dwellings and 5,000 new jobs, supported by open spaces, a new multi-purpose community facility, pedestrian, cycling networks and enhanced public transport and road access, what is not clear is how the government intends to support the delivery of these necessary upgrades.

Council has been left uncertain as the proposal fails to confirm funding for essential infrastructure to support its plans for 5,000 new homes.

“Hornsby Shire Council has a proven track record of delivering a variety of housing in the Shire that meets our obligations to State and Federal Governments appropriately, while maintaining the bushland character of our area and meeting expectations from our diverse and unique community,” said Hornsby Shire Mayor the Hon Philip Ruddock AO.

“We are proud that our hard work has put us in good stead to meet our housing target, which is necessary to address housing supply and affordability issues. However, our initial optimism around the Hornsby TOD Program does not appear to have come to fruition.

“From the outset, we liaised closely with the NSW Government, expressing our view that their targets for increased housing would require a whole-of-government approach which would identify funding and infrastructure to support councils in their delivery of the TOD proposals.

“We hoped that the provision of new housing would be supported by the coordinated delivery of essential infrastructure to ensure the current and future community experiences a liveable and sustainable environment.

“While the NSW Government refers to a total pool of $520 million for councils, it is disappointing that there is no indication of how this will be allocated, and whether funds will be committed to support the specific infrastructure needs we have put forward which include open space and transport upgrades.”

Mayor Ruddock went on to encourage residents to have their voices heard on this important issue.

“Council will review the exhibition materials and will make a constructive submission. We also call on our community to read the NSW Government’s proposal and to make their voices heard to ensure that these plans are delivered appropriately and with the necessary support.”

For more information about the Hornsby Town Centre Masterplan, and links to the NSW Government’s Hornsby TOD proposal, visit: