Second Hand Saturday

This is your opportunity to promote community spirit while reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.Second hand Saturday

Do you have items you no longer want, but they are too good for your bulky waste clean-up collection? Do you want to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill?

Hold a Second Hand Saturday garage sale before your next bulky waste clean-up collection. This will not only help you meet your neighbours and help the environment, but you will rehome unwanted items for some extra cash.

To help you with your Second Hand Saturday garage sale we have provided some resources which can easily be downloaded free.

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On Your Second Hand Saturday

Set up the items you’re selling inside your residential property’s boundary – nothing on the footpath.

Dangerous goods, chemicals, faulty electrical items, firearms or rubbish are not allowed.

If you have your garage sale the Saturday before your bulky waste clean-up collection, you can move unsold items to the side of the road for your bulky waste clean-up collection. It’s your responsibility to make sure your waste items are eligible for collection.

TVs and computers (e-waste) can be dropped off at our []Community Recycling Centre at 29 Sefton Road, Thornleigh. Unframed pane glass or car parts are not accepted. Check the []bulky waste clean up page if you’re unsure.

Did you know?

Australians are the second highest generators of waste in the world. Each person creates an average of 880kg each year.

Second Hand Saturday resources

  • []Second Hand Saturday information sheet - 282kb
  • []Second Hand Saturday printable colour poster - 137kb
  • []Second Hand Saturday printable black and white poster - 107kb
  • []Second Hand Saturday - cancelled colour poster - 131kb
  • []Price signs - 205kb
  • []Pricing guide signs - 33kb

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