Recycle Right – Recycling Caddy

Information for residents in apartment buildings

Recycling is important to our community and avoiding contamination of non-recyclables within the yellow top recycling bin is crucial to keep our recycling system strong. Research shows that how residents separate their recyclables within their apartment is a key factor in reducing the current 14% contamination rates. This contamination is made up of plastic bags, soft plastics, non-recyclable items, nappies and much more.

During July and August, we are providing all residents living in apartments with a new Recycling Caddy to help you separate your recyclables and avoid contamination. Putting your recycling into a plastic bag which then goes in the yellow bin causes contamination which is likely to end up in landfill.

To use your caddy, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Find a suitable place to locate your caddy that’s convenient and easy to access.
  2. Make sure you know what ‘is’ and ‘isn’t’ recyclable (don’t put your recyclables in a plastic bag). Visit the A to Z waste and recycling guide.
  3. Take your recycling to your bin cupboard or room.

Translations available:

Waste Matters

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Waste and Recycling Videos

HSC youtube video

Get some tips and advice on what you can do to recycle right.

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