Waste and Recycling Videos

From what to do with your soft plastics and what goes in your yellow bin through to composting tips and how to recycle right – check out our latest waste and recycling videos.

Bulky Waste

Your scheduled bulky waste collection is for large unwanted items that do not fit into your red lid garbage bin. Please consider reuse options such as donating items to charity stores, selling online, holding a garage sale or organising a free pick up service by The Bower.

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Recycling Caddies

We have successfully delivered over 11,000 recycling caddies to almost 90 per cent of multi-unit households in the Hornsby Shire, providing residents with a simple way to transfer recyclables to communal recycling bins and minimise plastic bag contamination.

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Remagine 2019

Congratulations to the winners of Remagine 2019: Rick Bull for ‘Taste the Consumer’, Daniel Burkhardt for ‘Buy – Sell’, Daniel Boesen Nolan for ‘Wise Old Owl’, and Beverly Beck for 'Maple Leaf'.

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I Dig Compost – Worm Farming

Need a hand with your gardening? Worms are useful garden helpers and a small worm farm can turn your food waste into high quality compost and nutrient-rich soil for your garden. Win win!

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Recycle your oil and paint

Motor oil and paint, among other items, can add to the toxicity of your waste. Bring it down to Hornsby Shire Council's Community Recycling Centre and we will take it off your hands for free.

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What is waste?

For National Recycling Week we take a look at the nature of waste, particularly the psychology that surrounds it.

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Reduce Reuse Recycle Mural – CRC Thornleigh

Watch how the new ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mural was created by artists Scott Nagy and Krimsone at our Community Recycling Centre in Thornleigh. #wastemattershornsby

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Recycle your soft plastics

If your plastic bags are weighing you down, bring them to Hornsby Shire Council's Community Recycling Centre.

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Quick and Easy – Our Community Recycling Centre

Hornsby Shire's free drive-through Community Recycling Centre (CRC) makes it quick and easy for our residents to safely dispose of problem wastes that cannot go into household garbage bins or kerbside collection.

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Hard plastic recycling

Did you know you can put your hard plastic bottles into the the yellow-lid recycling bin? Just make sure you don't put your soft plastics (particularly plastic bags) into the yellow bin.

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Keep recycling strong

The items you place in the yellow-lidded recycling bin don't just disappear. Take a look at where they go and why it's important to recycle right.

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Recycling ewaste

Do you have any electronic waste you would like to recycle? Bring it down to Hornsby Shire Council's Community Recycling Centre.

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Community Recycling Centre turns one

Celebrate the first birthday of Hornsby Shire Council's Community Recycling Centre with us.

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I Dig Compost

The I Dig Compost community is making it easy for Hornsby Shire residents to turn food waste into rich soil and liquid fertiliser and reducing their waste going to landfill.

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The Blower

“That's not a blower… THAT'S a blower!” – At Hornsby Shire Council, our teams are out in the shire always trying to improve what they do.