Onshore Vessel Sullage Water Pump Out System

Required Information for an Onshore Vessel Sullage Water Pump-out System

When lodging your application, the following information must be supplied in order for Council to assess your application.

  1. Manufacturer’s plans and specifications indicating septic tank and collection well(s) dimensions and capacities, plus the licensed plumber’s name, address, phone number and licence number.
  2. An accurately drawn, detailed site plan drawn to scale and showing:
    1. The position of the tanks, the draw-off pipe and the suction outlet at street level. Note that tanks must be located a minimum of 1.5m from any building, driveway or any impervious surfaces.
    2. A contour plan from tanks to draw-off pipe.
  3. Water use details utilised in the sizing of the system, including volume of fresh and salt water used in vessels within the past twelve months and forecasted water usage.
  4. Details of fixtures and fittings associated with the transfer line, including material type, couplings and pump capacity.
  5. Details of oil/water separators to be place in series with the pump out system, including capacity and maintenance schedule.

Please note:

  1. Failure to supply the above information may result in processing delays.
  2. Council requires that all wastewater applications are prepared in accordance with recommendations in Australian Standard 1547:2012), Australian Standard 3542 – Pleasure boats – Toilet waste collection, holding and transfer systems, and Septic Tank and Collection Well Accreditation Guideline (NSW Health, 1998).
  3. If holding well is installed in a position lower than the pipe outlet, a pump must be installed. This pump must be capable of delivering a flow rate of 364 L / min at the outlet.
  4. If the holding well is installed in a position higher than the pipe outlet, a lockable gate valve must be installed at the draw off pipe.
  5. In situations where placement of the pump-out pipe is through another property, an easement must be created. This may require assistance from solicitors and must adhere to Council’s “Terms of Easement” conditions.

Download Onshore Vessel Sullage System Information