Housekeeping Amendment Planning Proposal

The Housekeeping Amendment Planning Proposal was finalised by the NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPIE) on 4 December 2020.

The planning proposal was prepared as one of the key deliverables under the LEP Review Program and in accordance with Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement.

As a result of the Planning Proposal, amendments to the Hornsby Environmental Plan 2013 have been made to:

  • Deliver the highest standard of architectural and urban design for all residential flat buildings and townhouses;
  • Improve the design outcomes for 5-storey residential flat buildings by removing the ability to include mezzanine levels;
  • Correct three zoning anomalies and allow an additional permitted use on one site to reflect longstanding uses;
  • Reflect the expansion of Marramarra National Park; and
  • Correct minor heritage anomalies in Schedule 5.

For further information regarding this Planning Proposal, please contact Hornsby Shire Council’s Strategic Land Use Planning Team on (02) 9847 6726.

The Planning Proposal documents can be viewed through the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Planning Portal here.

Director's Report No. PL/26/19

Director's Report No. PL8/20