Planning Proposal for 679-685 Old Northern Road, Dural

The owner-initiated Planning Proposal for 679-685 Old Northern Road, Dural seeks to amend the Hornsby Local Environmental Plan 2013 (HLEP) to facilitate a diversified health services facility accommodating specialist and allied health services, as well as a 23-hour hospital services, as part of a future development application. The proposal seeks to amend the HLEP to:

  • Amending Schedule 1 of HLEP to permit a ‘health services facility’ as an additional permitted use (APU) on RU2 Rural Landscape land; and,
  • Increase the maximum building height on the site from 10.5 metres to 14 metres.

The proposal was considered at the 13 July 2022 Council meeting, with the report to Council available here. At that meeting, Council decided not to support progression of the proposal for Gateway determination due to a lack of strategic merit and several site related concerns.

For enquiries concerning this Planning Proposal, please contact Fintan Langan, Principal Strategic Planner on 9847 6686.


The planning proposal and supporting documentation can be accessed here: