What Services Do We Provide?


Upon lodgement of an application our team assess and issue the following certificates:

construction certificate  Construction Certificate - Construction certificates verify that a construction project will achieve the terms of the Building Code.
compliance certificate  Complying Development Certificate - Complying development certificates confirm that a construction will achieve both planning instrument and Building Code objectives.
Building certificate  Building Certificate - A building certificate provides cover that Council won’t issue an order to demolish or rectify a structure for a seven year period. These are usually obtained at the point of sale of a dwelling or to regularise unauthorised work.
Bushfire certificate  Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificate - BAL certificates are required to accompany a building application where the project site is located in bushfire prone land. A BAL certificate verifies the level of bushfire threat in accordance with the document NSW Rural Fire Services Planning for Bushfire Protection.
pool compliance certificate  Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate - The swimming pool compliance certificate verifies that a swimming pool isolation barrier achieves the terms of the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

Principal Certifying Authority

When you nominate Hornsby Certifiers as the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) you can expect excellent service when we:

  • Complete Mandatory Critical Stage Inspections during the construction progress. This may include footing, subfloor substructure, reinforced steel, framing, wet areas, drainage and final inspections.
  • Issue Occupation Certificates stating that you have completed the development and have complied with the terms of the consent approval and approved plans.

Note: It is usual practice to nominate Hornsby Certifiers at the same time as lodging a complying development certificate or construction certificate application. Please check the box on the application form and complete the PCA agreement form.

Pre Lodgement Advice

You may apply for pre lodgement advice to ensure the success of your project. Download a Pre-Lodgement Meeting Request Application.