Pre-Lodgement Application Meeting


A pre-lodgement meeting provides feedback on whether or not your proposed use/development can be considered as a complying development and outlines any essential and ancillary approvals.

These meetings are encouraged by Council because:

  • they provide site specific advice/interpretation of the State Environmental Planning Policy;
  • they help the applicant determine the correct application to lodge based on the proposal; and
  • they aim to eliminate requests for information during the application process, amendments to proposed plans and specialist reports

Please note that a pre-lodgement meeting is for discussion and clarification purposes only and may not identify all possible issues. It cannot be used as any approval of the proposal and it does not determine the outcome of any subsequent application, which will be the subject of detailed assessment in accordance with the relevant State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP).

There is a fee payable for a pre-lodgement meeting as per the current fees & charges. Download a Pre-Lodgement Meeting Request Application.