Temporary Road Closure

Temporary road closure

Council approval is required for temporary full and partial road closures.

IMPORTANT – Before applying for a Temporary Full / Partial Road Closure, please read the following important notes.

  1. A Traffic Control Plan (TCP) is to be provided, in accordance with AS 1742.3 requirements. This application cannot be processed unless the TCP is supplied. The TCP needs to be signed off by a Transport for NSW certified designer for Traffic Control Plans.
  2. A draft copy of resident/business notification must be attached to this application.
  3. A copy of Approval for Road Occupancy from Transport for NSW's Traffic Management Centre, if required, should be attached with this application. (Where applicable)
  4. Any application involving a full road closure and / or detour must be lodged with Council 28 days prior to works commencing.
  5. Council may seek a recommendation from the Local Traffic Committee before approving any road closure that is anticipated to have significant impact on public transport, residential amenity or limit retail access.
  6. Maximum of 28 continuous calendar days allowed for this permit.

Apply Now

For more information about Temporary Road Closure permits phone 9847 6615.