2017/2018 Bike Plan Review

Council is conducting a review of the Hornsby Shire Bike Plan. The Bike Plan serves as a reference document used to access state and national funding sources, ensure that bicycle facilities are considered during road maintenance and reconstruction programs, and help inform important land use decisions.

The initial public consultation undertaken in earlier this year resulted in a Draft Bike Plan that now emphasises prioritising the development of local connections to and from areas that will generate demand for cycling trips such as town centres, public recreation facilities, schools/colleges, rail stations and Hornsby Hospital. We believe developing safe local routes will encourage more people to cycle in Hornsby Shire, and that cycling over time will become a more attractive transport option for local trips.

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Examples of Cycling Facilities

On road separated two-way or one way bike lanes are for the exclusive use of cyclists. This facility offers the highest level of service for cyclists and are the safest on road facility. On Road Bike Path  On Road Bike Path 
Off road shared bicycle/pedestrian path which requires sharing by pedestrians and cyclists. This facility is suitable in areas where the pedestrian and cyclist numbers are low. OffRoad  Bike Path  On Road Bike Path
Mixed traffic lanes with logos are appropriate on residential streets with low traffic volumes and speeds. Speed can be controlled with traffic calming devices where there is significant non-compliance with the speed limit.Mixed Bike Path