Remagine 2019 Finalists


The finalists for 2019 are listed below.

Aurora Spirit of Light
Beverly Beck Maple Leaf
Beverly Beck Amethyst
Beverly Beck Scrap Dragon
Beverly Beck Scrap Box
Rick Bull Ghosts of an Ecological Half Life
Rick Bull Taste the Consumer
David Edgar Burger Microwave Desk Lamp
Jean Robinson Burke Joy in the morning
Jean Robinson Burke Collateral Damage
Daniel Burkhardt Buy Buy Birdie Part 1
Daniel Burkhardt Buy Buy Birdie Parts 2-17
Daniel Burkhardt Stop – Shop
Daniel Burkhardt No Shopping – No Spending
Daniel Burkhardt Buy – Sell
Rob Anthony Davies Goddess Nike and the Golden Apple
Jennifer Kay Dietrich Wallflowers
Fiona Glaister Family of red, black and blue ring plastic coral with bottle bottom sea anemone
Graeme Gould The (un)known
Vynka Hallam Mr Campbell
Jessica Harwood and Jim Harwood Retired, reclaimed and recycled
Juliet Elizabeth Holden Mystery Shopper
Juliet Elizabeth Holden Sweet Dreams
Helen Hukins Holy Coke is it the real thing?
Chris Humphries Drawing in ‘It’s Raining in Mango’
Vikki Jackson Below the Surface
Sophia Maree Kelly Stop and Think
Michelle Carolyn Kirk Sea Bloom
Michelle Carolyn Kirk Pleather Daisy
Chloe McFadden Chrome – Instant Fish
Trudi Nisbet Rant
Daniel Boesen Nolan Wise Old Owl
Emma O’Connell Less is More 
Emma O’Connell You are what you consume
Rebecca Pierce Lost in the Cloud III
Stephanie Powell Memory Fish
Gemma Rasdall Gone Sailing
Lesley Richman Love Recycled Fabric
Janetta Robards The rabbit-proof fence
Michelle Robinson What ties us together
Michelle Robinson Simply a Peacock
Lucy Scales Guitar
Wendy Anne Schuster Hooked on Retail
Ruben Steffens Birdycan
The Textile Collective Studios The magic rainbow tree
Jeanette Watson A screech of Cockatoos
Shirley Welsh and Maree Dunn The lady in the bin
Monika Zapper Resupplied