Hornsby Art Prize 2023 Finalists

Artist NameTitle
Vivienne Adeney Recreate
Matt Butterworth We make terrible Gods
Sonja Bowden Four Legs, Big Heart
Dean Brown Australia Day
Helen Brancatisano The way out
Helen Brancatisano Rounding the bend
Matteo Bernasconi Faded Consciousness, a Portrait of Julian Assange
Annette Bukovinsky Field of Vision No.2
Abby Chambers Unknown found object from cupboard
Bronte Cormican-Jones Reflections in conversation
Christopher Cunningham Azalea Alba Magnifica (dappled in lemon tree light)
Samuel Condon Comtesse
Claire Cooper Sundae waves
Crakked LifeRather Stupid Little Man
Joseph De La Hoyde Still Life I-II
Kate Dorrough River Song
Inga Dalrymple Magnolia
Ryan Daffurn Proposition 5,4,3,2,1!
Sam Doctor A blindness that reaches perfection, and the awe of ecstatic seizures
Monika Victoria Diak Elegy III
Henry Drayton Couch Potato
Michael Donnelly Mule
Viola Dominello Banksia
Patrick Dagg I Love You Forever (Godhead)
Claire Engkaninan Low Some of my best friends
Jason Fitzgerald Resilient Beauty #1
Maximilian Gosling Moon Gate
Kirsty Gautheron A sense of adventure
Joanne Goodchild Yellow trees by the lake
Le-Anne Hoffman Blossoming Life
Samir Hamaiel A strange scene
Berenike Hartmann Lo Rida
Luke Harris Suspension
Belynda Henry Pink Moon Shimmer
Nicola Higgins Human Element
Annarie Hildebrand Bottled Blue
Pleasance Ingle You got me singing, even though the news is bad
Solomon Karmel-Shann The Bathroom
Dominika Keller An early autumn harvest with books & Clarice
Virginia Keft Always was, always will be
Anne Kwasner Dessert terrine with serving platter
Amelia Lynch Trichaulax Philipsii
Melissa Lewin I’m Listening
John Mangila Unknown in floral shirt
Cathryn McEwen Name your Poison
Bethany MacDonald-Tucker Afternoon Coffee
Bethany MacDonald-Tucker Afternoon Tea
Al Munro An inventory of spatial possibilities
Negin Maddock The Magpie King
Sandra Murphy The Rat, 2023
Jennifer Mullen Familiar Ties
Libby Moore Just put your feet up for a while
Nicola Mason The hall to outside
Lesley Murray Koko
Jared Malton Vessel 0I
Paul MacDonald Road to Blackheath
Shani Nottingham A Precarious Deliquesce
Nelson Nghe Intersectional
Claire Paul Soft Breeze
Pamela Pauline Aussie Ark
Christopher Prior Incident at Greenwell Point
Ravi Prasad Brown man on white paper
Dion Parker Wild Thing
Nani Puspasari Life of 4 Si
Kat Parker Discarded II (Northern Gastric-Brooding Frog)
Jennifer Rowley Fire at the Lake
Jennifer Rosnell On the way to Dangar Island
Louise Rae The Intimates
Jane Reynolds Arrangement 226
Ben Ryan Natalie Tran in Black Comedy
Bethany Saab Holding
Renee Sanson Approaching storm, Gang Gang Cockatoos
Stephanie Schulte Traffic signs from Mars III
Zoe Sernack Shadowlands
Sally Stokes She was singing
Lauri Smith Night Flower
Bernadette Trainor Griffiths Street Driveway
Yvette Tziallas Guide to grow a kidney
Antoinette Tyndall Teapot with checked cloth
Bianca Vern-Barnett Entanglement
Ax-Rose Watson Mushroom Entity
Craig Wiles What’s in the box
Lyra Zhu Red Room No.1
Amara Rosallia Zenteno Little worlds in the water ways