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international family history

So you’ve traced your family back to its arrival in Australia? Well, don’t stop there! Click the below links to see lists of useful websites.

Using Strategies to Locate a 19th Century Family in England (16 kb)

A guide to help you locate your family back in the Old Country.

British Army in the First World War

Information on how to research the service life of a British WWI soldier.

British Library Family History Service

Services for family historians from the National Library of the United Kingdom.

Connected Histories

A range of digital resources related to early modern and 19th Century Britain. Pay per view.


The Register Offices in the county of Cumbria, England, hold the original records of births, marriages and deaths back to the start of civil registration in 1837.

Curious Fox

The village by village contact site for anybody researching family history in the UK and Ireland. Use the search box to find your village or town.

Over half a million burial and cremation records for north and central London from the boroughs of Islington and Camden. Pay per view.

Essex Family History Society

Contains the names of thousands of people who lived within the County of Essex over hundreds of years.

UK birth, death and marriage records from 1837 to 2004. Pay per view unless used from library computers.


The Civil Registration index of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales.

The Genealogist

One of the UK's leading companies offering family history information. Pay per view.

The General Register Office

The General Register Office is part of Her Majesty's Passport Office and oversees civil registration in England and Wales. They maintain the national archive of all births, marriages and deaths dating back to 1837.


Large collection of genealogical information for England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Hearth Tax Online

Data and analysis of the records of the hearth tax which was introduced in England and Wales by the government of Charles II in 1662.

The Historic Hospital Admission Registers Project

The Historic Hospital Admission Registers Project (HHARP) is the result of a partnership between Kingston University's Centre for the Historical Record (CHR) and various hospital archives in London and Glasgow. It began in 2001 and has records from the Hospital for Sick Children, London (subsequently, the Evelina Hospital, London), the Alexandra Hospital for Children with Hip Disease, London and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow.

Historical Directories

A digital library of local and trade directories for England and Wales from 1750 to 1919.

London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazettes

Gateway to the London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazettes, the official newspapers of the records of the UK. Pay per view

London Lives

A database of 240,000 manuscripts from eight archives and 15 datasets, giving access to more than 3 million names.

London Metropolitan Archives Family History Services

Information relating to persons living north of the River Thames.

Lost Cousins: Putting Relatives In Touch

LostCousins finds living relatives, people who share your ancestors, and can help you discover more about your family tree.

National Archives

The UK Government's official archive, containing more than 1,000 years of history.

Lists the names of Royal Navy personnel who died in both world wars. The site also includes names of seamen who received honours and awards during the First World War.

Old British News

A researcher of the British press between 1750 and 1950, identify British newspaper stories and supply historic articles. This service is voluntary and free to use. He will find any articles and send you the news reports by  email as attachments.

Comprehensive British and Irish record collections dating back to the 13th Century. Pay per view.

Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London 1674-1913

The largest body of texts ever published detailing the lives of non-elite people, containing accounts of more than 100,000 criminal trials held at London's Central Criminal Court.

Seventeenth-Century Hearth Tax Sources for London

Transcriptions of Hearth Tax returns covering London, Westminster and Middlesex for 1662, 1664 and 1666 via the British History Online website.

Welsh Newspapers Online

Site run by The National Library of Wales Aberystwyth. Discover 15 million articles and 1.1 million pages in both Welsh And English.

1740 Protestant Householders' Returns for North Antrim

In 1740 a list of Protestant householders was compiled in parts of counties Antrim, Armagh, Down, Donegal, Londonderry and Tyrone.

Census of Ireland 1901 & 1911

Household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1911.

Cork Records

Historical records of the County and City of Cork, including information of local churches and lists of Freemen of the city.

County Mayo Tithe Applotment, 1834

Data taken from the microfilm held at the Latter Day Saints HQ in Salt Lake City. It covers the Parish of Kilmore.

Dublin Electoral list 1939-1940

Databases related to Dublin city and surrounding administrative areas.

Fermanagh Gold

Access to 900 databases related to the Fermanagh area.


Includes addresses of civil and Roman Catholic parishes and local research facilities. It also has transcripts of muster rolls, freeholders lists and census returns.

Find My Past Ireland

Millions of Irish records available. Pay per view unless used from library computers.

General Register Office of Northern Ireland

A pay per view site that gives you access to birth, marriage, death and WWII registration information.

Griffith's Valuation Index

The first full-scale valuation of property in Ireland, published between 1847 and 1864. It is one of the most important surviving 19th Century genealogical sources.

Index to the County Antrim 1803 Agricultural Census

An inventory of livestock, provisions and equipment that was undertaken to prepare for invasion by the French.

Ireland, Deaths, 1864-1870

Contains 51,249 records. Only a few localities are included and the time period varies by locality. Pay per view.

Ireland Marriages, 1619-1898

Contains 430,834 records. Only a few localities are included and the time period varies by locality. Pay per view.

Ireland Genealogy Links

Includes links to various Irish sites including Census Returns and Transportation Records.

The IrelandGenWeb Project

Features county websites with genealogical databases, research guides and useful links. Includes an 1864 birth index.

Irish Archives Resource

Information about archival collections open for public research in Ireland.

Irish Church Records

More than 1.3 million pre-1900 church records. Includes records from Dublin, Cork & Ross, Carlow and Kerry.

Irish Family History Foundation Online Genealogy Databases for Ireland

The largest online collection of parish records. The indexes are searchable for free, though you have to pay to view a detailed record.

Irish Family History Research

Hundreds of searchable databases, as well as other essential Irish genealogy resources covering every Irish county.

Irish Genealogical Society

For people looking for their Irish ancestors worldwide.

Irish Genealogy

Provides valuable information on the many ways of tracing your Irish family history, as well as access to more than 3 million pre-1900 church records.

LEITRIM-ROSCOMMON - Elphin Census database, 1749

Data collected for the Elphin Census in 1749.

National Archives Ireland

Site of the National Archives of Southern Ireland.

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) Family History Section

A wide range of resources, including half a million signatures of those who signed the Ulster Covenant and the parallel Declaration.

Roots Ireland

A database of Irish family history run by The Irish Family History Foundation, an all-Ireland not-for-profit organisation.

Slater's Commercial Directory of Ireland 1846

Scanned images of Slater's Commercial Directory of Ireland 1846, which goes through the towns alphabetically and gives details of each.

Tracing Your Irish Roots at Moving Here

Hints and helpful tips on tracing your Irish ancestors.

Italian Genealogy Forum Homepage

A community forum for people interested in Italian family history.


A website dedicated to Sicilian family history.

Archives New Zealand

A record of New Zealand government.

Auckland City Library Archives

City archives which relates to functions and activities of the council.

Christchurch City Library

European and New Zealand family history resources.

New Zealand Births, Deaths and Marriage

The official department holding birth, deaths and marriages registers.

New Zealand Birth, Death and Marriages Historical Records

Search government records for births 100 years ago, marriages 80 years ago and deaths 50 years ago (or if the deceased’s birth was at least 80 years ago).

New Zealand Rootweb Site

Information extracted from a private collection of New Zealand newspapers, books and publications from the 1840s to the 1980s.

New Zealand Cemetery Records

Search for people in cemeteries in the major cities such as Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch as well as other regional centres.

Papers Past

Papers Past provides access to millions of pages of digitised New Zealand newspapers. It contains digitised NZ and Pacific newspapers from the 19th and 20th centuries.

National Archives of Scotland

Records created by Scottish Government from the 12th Century onwards, along with private records created by businesses, landed estates, families, courts, churches and other corporate bodies.

Comprehensive British and Irish record collections dating back to the 13th Century. Pay per view.

Scotland BDM Exchange

Births Deaths and Marriages Exchange for Scotland.

Scotlands Family

Explore your Scottish family tree with online data and history records.

Scotlands People

One of the largest online sources of original Scottish genealogical information, with almost 50 million records. Pay per view.

Talking Scot

TalkingScot has been set up as a meeting place for people with an interest in Scottish genealogy, history and culture.

Cyndi's List

A categorized and cross-referenced index to genealogical resources on the internet.

Ellis Island Foundation

An online register of more than 25 million people who entered the USA via Ellis Island in New York

National Archives of the USA

Access to a number of records including census, land, naturalisation, immigration and military service.