Tree Planting

Hornsby Shire is known for its leafy bushland character and significant natural areas.  Council is committed to preserving these unique aspects of our Shire. The development of a structured street tree planting program is designed to protect, maintain and enhance our local amenity, character and history of Hornsby Shire.

Greening our Shire

Hornsby Shire Council is committed to ‘greening our shire’ through many programs and initiatives. Setting ambitious targets, such as planting 30,000 trees by 2021, will further strengthen our reputation as the Bushland Shire and invest in the environment for future generations.

Council cannot do this alone – we will be calling on the community to help us plant these trees on special tree planting days and help us nurture them as they grow.

See how you can help

New and replacement street and parkland tree planting

Where existing trees are required to be removed replacement planting will occur. In some cases where existing trees are not preforming and in poor condition, the opportunity exists for rejuvenation of the street tree plantings.

All programmed street tree planting is scheduled between autumn and spring when the opportunity for successful plant establishment occurs.

All new planting will be undertaken by staff or by contractual services using current industry best practices. The species selection for new planting will be determined from a site assessment by a Council Arborist and would take into consideration:

  • The growing environment and space available
  • Compatibility with services (overhead and underground service, line of sight for vehicles)
  • Adjoining land uses and built form
  • Street character and context
  • Tree characteristics

How do I request for a tree to be planted on the nature strip?

You can request a tree to be planted on the nature strip by lodging a service request online or by contacting Council's Customer Service team on 9847 6666. You will be notified by Council of receipt of your request and again when it is scheduled for planting.

Replacement Private Tree Planting

Do I have to replace the tree I remove if granted a permit?

In most cases the Permit issued will include a condition for replacement trees to be provided. Compliance with this condition will be subject to random audits.

What is the best way to plant a tree?

  • Don't plant too close to buildings or in-ground pools. Large trees should be planted at least four metres away.
  • Find out how tall the tree will be when fully grown and the size of its canopy. Make sure it won't impact on your neighbours through shading, loss of views or damage to fencing and building foundations.
  • Don't plant large trees too close together.
  • Allow room for root growth.
  • Don't grow climbers on trees, which can strangle and ultimately kill them.
  • Use locally native and non-invasive species in your garden, which will increase the success of your garden, need less water and attract native animals.
  • Don't excavate within three metres of trees or change the ground level. This can cause root damage that makes the tree dangerous and is in breach of Hornsby’s tree preservation measures.
  • Don't forget that mature trees need maintenance. Remove or trim misshapen branches and check for fungal rot or other diseases. If in doubt, contact Council on 9847 6666 or contact an experienced arborist. Indiscriminate lopping can be dangerous to your safety and the health of the tree.

Free native plant giveaways

If I want to plant a tree …….can I get one from Council?

Hornsby Shire Council holds several open days each year, giving away free native plants to encourage the ecosystem of our Bushland Shire. Visit the Native Plant Giveaway page for more information.