Nursery Express

Native Plant Delivery

dianella revoluta

The program has now closed.

The nursery is bursting at the seams with beautiful native plants to brighten up the garden. Native plants sustain our local wildlife, are well-suited to the local environment and once established, require less water than introduced plants. To provide you with the best native plants and habitat for your garden, there will be a selection of plants to choose from, with species to suit your particular geographic location and the space you have available.

Orders are divided into four geographic areas.

Please note: We have a limited supply of stock per zone.

Orders are open for one week or when we are out of stock.

Limit of one order per residence.

This service is for residents of Hornsby Shire only.

Vegetable Seedling Delivery

vege planting

The program has now closed.

To help our residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hornsby Shire Council wants to provide you with some easy-to-grow food plants.

Growing your own food is a great way to get outdoors and into nature, without leaving the confines of your residence. With some practical advice from us and some regular care from you, healthy and delicious leafy green vegetables will be your reward.

We will deliver the vegetable seedlings to your property and there is no cost involved, so this is the perfect opportunity to become more self-sufficient.

What to expect:

  • Your vegetable seedlings will be delivered to your property in small pots (40mm across, 90mm deep, tapering to the base).
  • You will receive six small pots containing three different leafy green vegetables, together with instructions for transplanting (into pots or your garden) and for helping your plants to thrive.

Happy growing and eating!

Special Note: In consideration of COVID-19 safety measures and logistics, we are unfortunately unable to deliver to unit blocks and water access-only properties at this time.

Deliveries from 3 June until 11 July.

Limit of one order per residence.

This service is for residents of Hornsby Shire only.