Previous Conversations



Community Strategic Plan
(measuring progress from 2017)

Results: Quality of Life and insight into Asset Management (2MB)

March 2020

Draft Landscape Areas – Rural Lands Study

Results: Feedback Summary Report for the Hornsby Rural Lands Study (6.1MB)

Late 2019
Beecroft Community Forum 

Results: Report from Beecroft Community Forum - 22 October 2019 (200kb)

October 2019

Waitara Community Forum

Results: Report from Waitara Community Forum - 13 August 2019 (272kb)

August 2019         

Cherrybrook Community Forum

Results: Report from Cherrybrook Community Forum - 15 June 2019 (363kb)

June 2019

Galston Community Forum

Results: Report from Galston Community Forum - 11 April 2019 (442kb)

April 2019         

Commercial Building Colour Scheme Survey

Results: Summary of Responses Report - Colours of Commercial Buildings Survey (5.2MB)

Cherrybrook Community Forum 

Results: Report from Cherrybrook Community Forum - 16 October 2018 (167kb)

October 2018

Pennant Hills Community Forum

Results: Report from Pennant Hills Community Forum - 23 August 2018 (137kb)

August 2018 
Berowra Public Forum 

Results: Report from Berowra Community Forum - 31 May 2018 (135kb)

May 2018
Community Strategic Plan - Public Outcomes Report

Results: Micromex Public Outcomes Report for Community Strategic Plan (540kb)

Decemeber 2017

North Epping Public Forum

Results: Report from North Epping Community Forum - November 2017 (166kb)

November 2017 
Community Perceptions ;

Results: Community Perceptions Survey - June 2016 (405kb)

March-May 2016
Council recognition  

Results: Community Recognition and Communication Effectiveness Research Report - July 2015 (3.8MB)

May-June 2015
Active Living Hornsby Strategy (ALHS)

Results: ALHS Final Report - October 2015 (10.1MB)

May-September 2014
Community and Cultural Facilities Consultation ;

Results: Community and Cultural Facilities Strategic Plan - August 2015 (2.6MB)

July-August 2014
Hornsby Shire Bike Plan Review - Community forums June 2014
Community, arts and culture 2014

Results: Socio-Cultural Community Consultation (7.5MB)

Apr-May 2014
Community Survey 2012

Results: Planning for the Future Survey (205kb)

Apr-Jul 2012
Community Survey 2010

Results: Community Survey 2010 results (294kb) and Addendum (56kb)

Sep-Nov 2010
Community Survey 2009

Results: Community Engagement Survey 2009 (1MB)

Jun 2009
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