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Have your say on important local issues. Hornsby Shire Council values feedback from the community. Below are the current consultations that are seeking public comment.

Hornsby Shire Council values feedback from the community. Below are the current exhibitions, with instructions for commenting provided with each.

  • Pennant Hills to Epping – Shared Footpath and Cycleway – Route B

    Exhibited Until: 23/12/2020

    In 2018, Transport for NSW provided funding to Hornsby Shire Council to investigate, develop and construct a shared footpath and cycleway connecting Pennant Hills Station to Epping Station. Council subsequently engaged traffic and transport consultants to assist with determining the most suitable route, and Council has now prepared a detailed concept design for the section between Beecroft and Cheltenham Stations (Route B). Council are now in a position to seek community feedback on the proposal.

  • Draft Community & Cultural Facilities Strategic Plan

    Exhibited Until: 31/01/2021

    This draft Community & Cultural Facilities Strategic Plan (Plan) provides direction for the future planning, provision and management of Hornsby Shire Council’s (Council) community and cultural facilities over the next 10 years.

  • Mark Taylor Oval, Waitara – Surface Upgrade

    Exhibited Until: 18/12/2020

    Council is proposing to replace the existing irrigation, drainage and turf at Mark Taylor Oval, Waitara. Council invites your comments on the Concept Plan.

  • Hornsby DCP Amendments - Housekeeping Planning Proposal

    Exhibited Until: 16/12/2020

    Amendments to the Hornsby Development Control Plan 2013 (Hornsby DCP) are now on exhibition to reflect changes to building height controls soon to be implemented under the Hornsby Local Environmental Plan (HLEP) 2013 as a result of the Housekeeping Amendment Planning Proposal.

  • Hornsby Thematic History

    Exhibited Until: 18/12/2020

    In April 2020, Hornsby Shire Council endorsed the commencement of the Comprehensive Heritage Study program. Preparation of a new background thematic history was identified as the top priority.

  • Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy

    Exhibited Until: 18/12/2020

    The strategy has been prepared to provide a framework for Council to increase participation in walking and cycling, prioritise its delivery and to improve the supporting infrastructure and resourcing for these activities in the Local Government Area over the next 10 years.

  • Draft Play Plan

    Exhibited Until: 18/12/2020

    The Draft Play Plan sets out a plan for the future of play spaces in the Hornsby Shire, including a vision, guiding principles and action plan.

  • Draft Employment Land Study

    Exhibited Until: 18/12/2020

    The Draft Employment Land Study is now on exhibition. The Study has been prepared in support of the Hornsby Local Strategic Planning Statement.

  • Draft Economic Development and Tourism Strategy 2020-2025

    Exhibited Until: 18/12/2020

    The draft Economic Development and Tourism Strategy, 2020-2025 has been prepared to provide Council, in its role to support, facilitate and in some cases as a promoter of economic development, with a high-level plan of action to support the vibrancy, diversity and sustainability of the Hornsby Shire Council area.

Community Forum Meetings are a valuable opportunity for local residents to raise issues and gain feedback from their local Councillors.

The Meetings are also valuable to Council because direct and personalised information on current and topical matters can be conveyed to attending residents face to face, with sufficient explanation so complex issues are thoroughly explained.

2019 Community Forums


A Ward

Galston Club

Thursday 11 April


View Report

C Ward

Cherrybrook Community Centre
Redgum Hall

Saturday 15 June


View Report

B Ward

Magpies, Waitara

Tuesday 13 August


View Report

C Ward

Beecroft Bowling Club

Tuesday 22 October


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2018 Community Forums


A Ward

Berowra RSL

Thursday 31st May


View Report

B Ward

Pennant Hills Bowling Club

Thursday 23rd August


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C Ward

Cherrybrook Technology High School

Tuesday 16th October


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See Previous Conversations

Draft Landscape Areas – Rural Lands Study

We recently sought your feedback on draft landscape areas identified as part of the preliminary stages of the Rural Lands Study.

A report summarising the feedback received during the engagement period (30 Sept until 8 November) is now available for viewing.

View the Report

Hornsby Play Plan - Community Survey

Hornsby Shire Council is preparing a Play Plan to guide the planning, design, management and maintenance in playgrounds and other play opportunities across the Hornsby Shire over the next 10 years. Play is essential for people of all ages. It helps adults and children to build new skills, socialise, get active and have fun!

As part of preparing the Play Plan the community is being surveyed to establish needs, preferences and future aspirations for public play facilities. This project forms part of Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement.

The survey closed on Monday 27 May, 2019.

Waste Matters - Council's Waste Strategy

Council is preparing a new Waste Strategy to assist in guiding the future direction of waste management in the Hornsby Shire.

Council’s current Collection and Processing Contracts will expire in 2020. Our Waste Strategy will guide us in the planning of replacement contracts, and we would like your feedback on how we can improve our services.

You can get involved and have your say on the waste services we provide and our new Waste Strategy. We held a number of Waste Matters Pop-up Stalls in early August 2018 from which we received great feedback from the community.

In September/October 2018,we ran an online survey for the broader community to have their say. We received over 1200 responses which will be analysed and the findings will be prepared into a report.

Find Out More.

Commercial Building Colour Scheme Survey

In August 2018, Council sought your views on the Colours of Commercial Buildings in Hornsby Shire via an online survey. We received 294 completed survey responses which informed Council of the views held by residents and the business community.

At its meeting on 12 December 2018, Council considered a report on the survey results and resolved to write to the Minister of Planning requesting an amendment to State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008  to exclude bright or fluorescent colours from the exemption circumstances for painting a building. Should the amendment be supported by the Minister, the painting of commercial buildings bright or fluorescent colours would require approval.

Read the Summary of Survey Results

Community Strategic Plan Consultation

Want to know what is the vision that residents have for the future of Hornsby Shire? We conducted research in October and November 2017 to find out what you like about living here and what you think would make the Shire a better place.

Read the report.