Building a Better Shire 2019

Infrastructure works coming up in 2019/20

  • Storey Park Community Facility Redevelopment, Asquith - finalise construction of new multi-purpose facility
  • 25,000 Trees by 2020 - planting program and planting events
  • Hornsby Library renovation - refurbish and extend
  • Hornsby Park creation - Develop concept plans with the community, prepare detailed designs for Stage 2 earthworths and tender for preferred contractor
  • Signage replacement - Entry signs including rural, urgent replacements, wildlife protection
  • Public Domain - Develop plans for priority areaas and commence construction of Asquith-Mount Colah streetscape improvements
  • Westleigh Park Development - Develop Plan of Management/Master Plan and commence community consultation; and undertake studies required for submission of a Development Application for decontamination works and development of a recreation precinct


  • Leeming Street, Mount Kuring-Gai - King Road to Church Street (Right-hand side)
  • King Street, Mount Kuring-Gai - Low Street to Brisbane Avenue (Left-hand side)
  • Berkeley Close, Berowra Heights - Barnetts Road to Clinton Close (Right-hand side)
  • Grace Avenue, Beecroft - Cardinal Avenue to End (side TBD)
  • Nancy Place, Galston - Full length (side TBD)
  • Allidale Close, Hornsby - Neutral Road to End (Right-hand side)
  • Sutherland Road, Beecroft - Tristania Way to Narena Close (Left-hand side)
  • Berowra Parade, Berowra - The Gully Road to Pacific Highway (side TBD)
  • McKay Road, Hornsby Heights - Montview Parade to End (side TBD)
  • Montview Parade, Hornsby Heights - Pitman Avenue to Mckay Road (side TBD)
  • Duffy Avenue, Thornleigh - The Esplanade to Pioneer Avenue (Left-hand side)
  • Fraser Road, Normanhurst - Normanhurst Road to Pennant Hills Road (Right-hand side)
  • Mittabah Rd, Bouvardia to Old Berowra Road (Right Side)
  • Somerville Road, Hornsby Heights - Waninga Road to Binya Close (side TBD)
  • Attunga Avenue, West Pennant Hills - New Farm Road to Campbell Park (side TBD)
  • Kuring-Gai Chase Road, Mt Colah - Belmont Parade to Myall Road (Right-hand side)
  • Kooringal Avenue, Thornleigh - Sefton Road to Yarrabung Avenue (Right-hand side)
  • Wanawong Drive, Thornleigh - End to Nicholson Avenue (side TBD)
  • Bouvardia Street, Asquith - Mittabah Road to Amor Street (side TBD)
  • Boundary Road, North Epping - Beck Street to Eastcote Road (side TBD)
  • Bushlands Avenue, Hornsby Heights - Cawthorne Street to Galston Road (Left-hand side)

Local Road improvements

  • Gray Street, Mount Colah - Colah Road to Berowra Road
  • Woodcourt Road, Berowra Heights - Warrina Street to Alan Avenue
  • Lord Street, Mount Colah - Royston Parade to End
  • Arcadia Crescent, Berowra - Berowra Waters Road to Creole Street (North side) - Stage 1
  • Old Telegraph Road, Maroota - Roberts Road to Hart Place

Shared paths

  • Pennant Hills to Epping (Finalise investigation for entire route.  Stage 1 - Complete design for Beecroft to Cheltenham segment 2019/20)
  • Franklin Road, Cherrybrook - Kayla Way to John Road (2.5m-wide shared path)
  • Peats Ferry Road, Hornsby - Jersey Lane to Bridge Road (2.5m-wide shared path)

Pedestrian facilities

  • Edgeworth David Avenue, Hornsby - Installation of pedestrian fencing east of Pacific Highway intersection
  • David Road, Castle Hill - Upgrade of crossing to raised threshold
  • Quarter Sessions Road, Thornleigh - Upgrade of crossing to raised threshold


  • Duffy Avenue / Chilvers Road / The Esplanade, Thornleigh - realignment of intersection
  • Sherbrook Road, Asquith - upgrade existing pedestrian crossing to raised threshold (wombat)

Playground renewals (including equipment and facilities)

  • Roslyn Park. Cherrybrook - playground renewal
  • Brickpit Park, Thornleigh - climber/cableway renewal
  • Anulla Reserve, Wahroonga - playground renewal
  • Davidson Park, Normanhurst - playground renewal
  • Oxley Reserve, Mount Colah  - playground renewal
  • Ruddock Park, Westleigh - shade structure
  • Playground undersurface renewals (various)

Park amenities building renewals (including change rooms, toilets and other buildings within parks)

  • Greenway Park, Cherrybrook - Community Sports House and surface works
  • Greenway Park, Cherrybrook - toilet facility renewal
  • Building renewals (various sites)

Park furniture renewals (including picnic shelters, seating, bbqs)

  • Upper McKell Park, Brooklyn
  • Hornsby Park
  • Furniture renewals (various sites)
  • Fitness equipment

Dog off leash renewal (including turf renewal, seating and fencing) (TBD)

Facility renewals

  • Pennant Hills Park - netball court renewal
  • Fence renewals (various)

Sportsfield irrigation and surface renewals

  • Sportsfield irrigation renewal (TBD)
  • Cricket wicket renewal (TBD)


  • Thornleigh Oval
  • Normanhurst netball court (including court renewal works)

Car parks

  • Car park renewal (TBD)
  • Parsley Bay Loading Dock reconstruction
  • Berowra Waters Pontoon - east side - refurbishment
  • Brooklyn Wharf upgrade with pontoon (Study)
  • Mount Colah - Kooyong Avenue to Myall Road
  • The Glade, Galston - Minor remediation

Bushland recreational improvements

  • Beecroft Reserve - extend and upgrade bushland tracks and heritage path
  • Florence Cotton Reserve, Hornsby - bushland walking track extension - Stage 2
  • Reddy Park Hornsby – update pedestrian links
  • Waitara Creek Normanhurst - bushland walking track extension and enhancement – Stage 2
  • West Pennant Hills and Cherrybrook - Callicoma Track and associated recreational trails

Catchment Remediation Rate projects

  • Cawthorne Street, Hornsby Heights - gross pollutant trap, biofiltration basin and stormwater harvesting storage
  • Lessing Street, Asquith - gross pollutant trap and biofiltration Basin
  • Bowen Close, Cherrybrook - gross pollutant trap
  • Josephine Crescent, Cherrybrook - gross pollutant trap
  • Thomas Wilkinson Avenue, Dural - gross pollutant trap and biofiltration basin

Infrastructure works completed in 2018/19

Footpath improvements

  • Rodney Avenue, Beecroft – north side – Lancaster Avenue to Hull Road
  • Lancaster Avenue, Beecroft – north side - Pennant Hills Road to end
  • Norman Avenue, Thornleigh – west side – Beresford Road to end
  • Shepherds Drive, Cherrybrook - south side - Rosemary Place to Kenburn Avenue
  • Sherbrook Road, Hornsby - west side - Belair Close to King Road
  • Oakhill Drive, Castle Hill - west side - Tawmii Place to Willowbrook Place
  • Francis Greenway Drive, Cherrybrook - north side – Macquarie Drive to Tudor Avenue

Local road improvements

  • Brooklyn Road, Brooklyn - No. 37 to Old Dairy Site (No. 11)
  • Cowan Road, Mount Colah Stage 2 - Gray Street to Belmont Parade
  • Arcadia Road, Galston Stage 1 - Galston Road towards Fagan Park Entrance
  • Crosslands Road, Galston - Stage 2


  • Brooklyn Cycleway Stage 3 - between Old Dairy site and No. 39

Traffic improvements


  • Sherbrook Road, between Stokes Avenue and Winston Street, Asquith - upgrade of crossing to raised threshold


  • New Line Road between Castle Hill Road and Boundary Road, West Pennant Hills - traffic calming

Playground improvements

  • Jack Thompson Park, Pennant Hills
  • Lessing Park, Hornsby
  • Carrs Bush Playground, Fagan Park

Park furniture

  • Dame Mary Gilmore Park, West Pennant Hills - flagpole renewal
  • Fagan Park - six new seats
  • Lisgar Gardens, Hornsby - three new seats and two bins on the main lawn, two new picnic settings and shelters in the lower park
  • Rofe Park, Hornsby - additional bubblers and picnic settings

Facility Renewals

  • Brooklyn tennis court renewal
  • Montview Oval, Hornsby Heights - netball court renewal
  • Waitara Park, Waitara - synthetic cricket practise nets


  • Jaycee Park, Wahroonga
  • Normanhurst Oval netball courts


  • Mount Kuring-gai Oval, Mount Kuring-gai

Sportsfield irrigation and surface renewals

  • Asquith Park
  • Greenway Park Oval No. 1 - completely reconstructed with new drainage, irrigation and improved turf (part of $2.7m Federal Government funding)

Sports and recreation precincts

  • Orara Street Park, Waitara
  • Waitara Park Destination Parkland
  • Beecroft Station Gardens
  • Rofe Park, Hornsby - drainage works
  • Crossroads Reserve, Berowra Heights - drainage works
  • Dinghy storage facility, Parsley Bay
  • Milsons Passage Wharf refurbishment
  • Brooklyn Road, Brooklyn - No. 37 to Old Dairy Site
  • Cowan Road, Mount Colah Stage 2 - Gray Street to Belmont Parade
  • Cowan Road, Mount Colah Stage 3 - Neridah Avenue to Myall Road
  • Gray Street, Mount Colah - Cowan Road to Colah Road
  • Beecroft Community Centre parking

Track upgrades

  • Rosemead and Manor Roads, Hornsby
  • Callicoma Track, West Pennant Hills and Cherrybrook - upgrade to steps and entrances
  • Waitara Creek bushland, Normanhurst - upgrade to Carcoola Drive link track with southern end of Waitara Creek track
  • Galston Recreation Trail Facility - footbridge and six interpretive signs installed
  • Beecroft to Cheltenham - upgrade of walking tracks in Beecroft Reserve
  • Byles Creek, Pennant Hills - installation of sandstone steps between Britannia Street and Azalea Grove, Pennant Hills

Bushland reserves

  • Brooklyn bushland, Salt Pan Reserve - construction of bushwalking tracks

Stormwater quality improvement devices

  • Orara Park, Waitara (for irrgation of Mark Taylor Oval) - biofilter and stormwater harvesting system
  • Orara Park, Waitara - gross pollutant trap
  • Bracken Close, Berowra - gross pollutant trap
  • Old Berowra / Mittabah Roads, Asquith - gross pollutant trap
  • Holliday Avenue, Berowra Heights - large end of pipe biofilter
  • Asquith Park - stormwater harvesting Stage 2