Building a Better Shire

Infrastructure works coming up in 2020/21

  • 'Greening our Shire' Program
  • Hornsby Park creation - Construction of Stage 2 earthworks, commence detail design and prepare supporting studies for park embellishments
  • Signage replacement - Entry signs including rural, urgent replacements, wildlife protection
  • Public Domain - Develop plans for priority areas and commence construction of Asquith-Mount Colah streetscape improvements
  • Westleigh Park Development - Undertake community engagement for Master Plan development, commence detail design, studies for submission of Development Application for decontamination works and development of recreation precinct
  • Beecroft War Memorial - remediation of Cenotaph


  • Baldwin Avenue, Asquith - Chelmsford Road to Victory Street (Left-hand side)
  • Wall Avenue, Asquith - Mittabah Road to Asquith Oval (Mills Rd)
  • Wall Avenue, Asquith - Asquith Oval (Mills Road) to Rupert Street
  • Tristania Way, Beecroft - Sutherland Road to end of cul-de-sac
  • Balaclava Road, Berowra - Kona Close to Hillcrest Road (side TBD)
  • Bambil Road, Berowra - Redwood Avenue to Anembo Road
  • Redwood Avenue, Berowra - Yallambee Road to Bambil Road
  • Barnetts Road, Berowra Heights - Wyanna Street to Rona Close
  • Warrina Street, Berowra Heights - Warwick Close to Koloona Street
  • Boundary Road, Berowra - High Street to King Street
  • Hillview Street/Sunset Avenue, Hornsby Heights - Somerville to end of Sunset
  • Clement Close, Pennant Hills - Azalea Grove to end
  • Azalea Grove, Pennant Hills - Clement Close to Liguori Way
  • Adamson Avenue, Thornleigh - Sefton Road to Norman Avenue (Right-hand side)
  • Quarter Sessions Road, Westleigh - Silver Crescent to Western Crescent North (Right-hand side)
  • Quarter Sessions Road, Westleigh - Western Crescent North and Loop (Right-hand side)
  • Cherrybrook Road, West Pennant Hills - New Farm Road to Boundary Road (side TBD)
  • New Farm Road, West Pennant Hills - Cherrybrook Road to Cherrybrook Road South (side TBD)
  • New Farm Road, West Pennant Hills - New Line Road to Cherrybrook Road (side TBD)

Local Road improvements

  • Arcadia Road, Galston - Stage 2 (The Glade to approximately number 19)
  • Colah Road, Mount Colah – Belmont Parade to Myall Road
  • Arcadia Crescent, Berowra - Creole Street to Berowra Waters Road (south side)
  • Old Beecroft Road, Beecroft – Beecroft Road to end
  • Crosslands Road, Galston - Stage 3 (* unsealed road maintenance budget)

Shared paths

  • Pennant Hills to Epping Construction of Stage 1, Beecroft Comm Centre to Cheltenham Station) (grant funded)
  • Duffy Avenue / Chilvers Road / The Esplanade, Thornleigh - realignment of intersection

Playground renewals (including equipment and facilities)

  • Ruddock Park, Westleigh - shade structure
  • Berowra Oval - shade structure
  • The Lakes of Cherrybrook - playground renewal (including park furniture)
  • Hopeville Park, Hornsby Heights - playground renewal
  • Richards Close, Berowra - playground renewal
  • Hunt Reserve, Mount Colah - park and playground embellishment
  • Playground undersurface renewals

Park furniture renewals (including picnic shelters, seating, bbqs, fitness equipment, gardens)

  • Nirimba Avenue Park, North Epping - park improvements
  • Galston Recreation Reserve - exercise equipment

Dog off leash renewal (including turf renewal, seating and fencing)

  • Greenway Park

Facility renewals

  • Pennant Hills Park - sight screen renewal
  • Asquith Oval - sight screen renewal
  • Warrina Street Oval, Berowra - netball court

Sportsfield irrigation and surface renewals

  • Mount Kuring-gai Oval - sportsfield irrigation


  • Normanhurst Oval
  • Parklands Oval, Mount Colah (including car parking)
  • Cheltenham Oval

Park amenities building renewals (including change rooms, toilets and other buildings within parks)

  • Greenway Park, Cherrybrook - Community Sports House and surface works
  • Greenway Park, Cherrybrook - amenities building
  • Parsley Bay Loading Dock reconstruction
  • Mount Colah - Kooyong Avenue to Myall Road
  • Berowra Heights, Patrick Place /  Woodcourt Road Stage 1

Hornsby Aquatic and Leisure Centre

  • Concourse tiling

Galston Aquatic and Leisure Centre

  • Upgrade filtration system
  • Roof reconstruction

Thornleigh Brickpit Indoor Sports Stadium

  • Floor treatment / refurbishment

Council Offices, Community Facilities and Aquatic Centres

  • Installation of a Building Management System - to control and monitor building mechanical and electrical systems off site

Community Centres

  • Cherrybrook Community Centre - sanding and polishing of timber floor in small hall
  • Thornleigh Community Centre - painting of facility
  • Pennant Hills Community Centre - replace floor coverings to foyers, small hall and intermediate hall
  • Galston Community Centre - installation of air conditioning


  • Pennant Hills Library - upgrade of toilet facilities

Bushland recreational improvements

  • Fearnley Reserve Track Entrance - Upgrade entrance and trail from Hannah Street, Beecroft
  • Carrs Bush, Galston - Construction of new elevated boardwalk and accessible access path
  • Quarter Sessions Road Lookout , Westleigh - Visitor access and lookout
  • Ginger Meggs Loop and Track Head (Bluegum Forest) Hornsby - Upgrade to bushwalking facilities

Catchment Remediation Rate projects

  • Lessing Park, Asquith  - Gross pollutant trap and biofiltration basins
  • Nirimba Park, North Epping - Gross pollutant trap, biofiltration basin and creekline remediation
  • Oorin/Mullion Close, Hornsby Heights - Gross pollutant trap
  • Heights Place, Hornsby Heights - Gross pollutant trap
  • Normanhurst Park, Harris Street – Gross pollutant trap, biofiltration basin and stormwater harvesting

Infrastructure works completed in 2019/20

Footpath improvements

  • Bouvardia Street, Asquith - Mittabah Road to Amor Street (side TBD)
  • Mittabah Road, Asquith - Bouvardia Street to Old Berowra Road (Right Side)
  • Grace Avenue, Beecroft - Cardinal Avenue to End (side TBD)
  • Sutherland Road, Beecroft - Tristania Way to Narena Close (Left-hand side)
  • Berowra Parade, Berowra - The Gully Road to Pacific Highway (side TBD)
  • Berkeley Close, Berowra Heights - Barnetts Road to Clinton Close (Right-hand side)
  • Allidale Close, Hornsby - Neutral Road to End (Right-hand side)
  • Bushlands Avenue, Hornsby Heights - Cawthorne Street to Galston Road (Left-hand side)
  • McKay Road, Hornsby Heights - Montview Parade to End (side TBD)
  • Montview Parade, Hornsby Heights - Pitman Avenue to McKay Road (side TBD)
  • Somerville Road, Hornsby Heights - Waninga Road to Binya Close (side TBD)
  • Kuring-Gai Chase Road, Mount Colah - Belmont Parade to Myall Road (Right-hand side)
  • Leeming Street, Mount Kuring-Gai - King Road to Church Street (Right-hand side)
  • Fraser Road, Normanhurst - Normanhurst Road to Pennant Hills Road (Right-hand side)
  • Boundary Road, North Epping - Beck Street to Eastcote Road (side TBD)
  • Duffy Avenue, Thornleigh - The Esplanade to Pioneer Avenue (Left-hand side)
  • Kooringal Avenue, Thornleigh - Sefton Road to Yarrabung Avenue (Right-hand side)
  • Wanawong Drive, Thornleigh - End to Nicholson Avenue (side TBD)
  • Attunga Avenue, West Pennant Hills - New Farm Road to Campbell Park (side TBD)

Local road improvements

  • Woodcourt Road, Berowra Heights - Warrina Street to Alan Avenue
  • Old Telegraph Road, Maroota - Roberts Road to Hart Place
  • Gray Street, Mount Colah - Colah Road to Berowra Road
  • Lord Street, Mount Colah - Royston Parade to End

Traffic improvements


  • David Road, Castle Hill - upgraded crossing to raised threshold
  • Edgeworth David Avenue, Hornsby - pedestrian fencing east of Pacific Highway intersection
  • Yarrara Road, Pennant Hills - 40 km/h high pedestrian activity area and public domain improvements

Shared path

  • Castle Hill Road - David Road to Victoria Road (around Cherrybrook Metro Station)

Playground renewals (including equipment and facilities)

  • Yallambee Road Park, Berowra
  • Darlington Reserve, Cherrybrook
  • Roslyn Park, Cherrybrook
  • Oxley Reserve, Mount Colah
  • Davidson Park, Normanhurst
  • Ron Payne Reserve, North Epping
  • Anulla Reserve, Wahroonga
  • Brickpit Park, Thornleigh - climber/cableway renewal

Playground undersurface renewals

  • Montview Oval Playground, Hornsby Heights
  • Brickpit Park, Thornleigh

Park amenities buildings

  • Galston Recreation Reserve - picnic shelter roof replaced
  • Pennant Hills Park - toilets renewed and upgraded, roof replaced and walls painted

Park furniture

  • Greenway Park, Cherrybrook - fitness equipment
  • Hornsby Park - rose arbors
  • Rofe Park, Hornsby Heights - new fitness equipment

Park surface improvement

  • Hornsby Cenotaph Park - new irrigation system and turf replaced

Facility Renewals

  • Epping Oval - amenities building ceiling renewed
  • Normanhurst netball courts - resurfaced
  • Pennant Hills Park - netball courts 15 and 16  renewed, new fencing and additional seating


  • Berowra Oval
  • Berowra Waters Road netball courts


  • Edward Bennett Oval, Cherrybrook
  • Montview Oval, Hornsby Heights
  • Normanhurst netball courts
  • Thornleigh Oval

Sportsfield irrigation and surface renewals

  • Booth Park, Beecroft - synthetic cricket wicket replaced
  • Cheltenham Oval - synthetic cricket wicket
  • Galston Recreation Reserve - synthetic wicket replaced
  • Normanhurst Oval - synthetic cricket wicket and rubber matting on practice wickets
  • Crossroads Reserve, Berowra Heights - synthetic grass

Track upgrades

  • Reddy Park, Hornsby – expanded perimeter track with pedestrian bridge over creek, damaged track areas repaired and erosion controls upgraded, increasing accessibility for walking
  • Bushland Link to Pine Street, Normanhurst - total length of track works 80 metres, including 54 new sandstone steps
  • West Pennant Hills and Cherrybrook - Callicoma Track - trail marker bollards

Bushland reserves

  • Beecroft Reserve - several track entrances consolidated, new steps built to improve durability and access
  • Waitara Creek Normanhurst, Stage 2 - new bushwalking track section near Scout Hall at Harris Road, Normanhurst

Stormwater quality improvement devices

  • Bowen Close, Cherrybrook - gross pollutant trap
  • Thomas Wilkinson Avenue, Dural - gross pollutant trap and biofiltratiion basin
  • Cawthorne Street, Hornsby — Large end-of-pipe biofilter and stormwater harvesting
  • Lessing Park, Hornsby — Gross pollutant trap