Testing confirms no risk to properties near Foxglove Oval

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Foxglove Oval

Testing of properties around Mt Colah’s Foxglove Oval has shown that none have been impacted by landfill gas.

Like hundreds of parks across Australia, Foxglove was once a waste landfill site. Landfill activities stopped nearly 40 years ago.

Hornsby Shire Council found landfill gas in below-ground monitoring wells around the oval at levels above the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) guidance values.

Despite the risk being low, as a precautionary measure Council has conducted landfill gas testing inside nearby residences.  

The testing showed that landfill concentrations in the houses are well below the NSW Environment Protection Authority investigation levels for buildings.

“This is excellent news and I would like to commend Council’s staff for the swift and decisive manner of their response,” Hornsby Shire Mayor Philip Ruddock said.

“I would also like to thank the residents for their cooperation and their calm approach to the situation, which has been very helpful.”  

Council has engaged environmental specialists GHD to conduct further monitoring around Foxglove Oval, while consulting closely with the EPA.

“Once these investigations have been carried out, Council will undertake any remedial action required by the EPA,” Mayor Ruddock said.

The levels of methane in the open spaces of Foxglove Oval do not pose a risk to human health and the oval is safe to use.  

For further information please visit the project website at or contact Hornsby Shire Council on (02) 9847 6666.