“Keep calm and carry on” Message to Hornsby Shire’s recycling residents

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Hornsby Shire Mayor Philip Ruddock urges residents to continue placing recyclable items in the yellow bins.

Hornsby Shire Mayor Philip Ruddock has a strong recycling message for all residents: Keep calm and carry on.

“There is a lot of uncertainty in the recycling industry at the moment, which is being widely reported in the media,” Mayor Ruddock said.

“Recyclables are still being collected in Hornsby Shire and it is important that all residents continue placing recyclable items in the yellow bins, same as usual.

“Council is closely monitoring the situation and will let you know if anything changes.”

The industry disruption began with the Chinese Government’s National Sword policy, which has seen a vast reduction in the amount of recyclable material that is being accepted by China.

This has caused a major drop in the price of recyclable materials, which in turn has caused uncertainty about the future of the material recovery facilities that are used by councils.

“The main problem right now is that nobody knows what is going to happen next,” Mayor Ruddock said.

“There are all kinds of predictions being made – and Council is making contingency plans to prepare for these possibilities – but so far there is no need for anybody in Hornsby Shire to be concerned.

“The most important thing is for everybody to continue recycling as we all have been.

“Hornsby Shire punches far above its weight when it comes to recycling and we want to see that carry on.

“Last year alone we collected more than 14,000 tonnes of co-mingled recycling, which has the same greenhouse benefit as permanently removing 2,035 cars from the road.”

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