Be ready, in case fire crosses river

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Residents between Wisemans Ferry, Laughtondale and Canoelands are being urged to make bushfire preparations, as the Wollemi fire could cross the Hawkesbury River in coming days or weeks.

There is no immediate threat, but the fire remains volatile and could enter Hornsby Shire.

“At this stage there is no need for alarm, but residents need to be aware of the potential for spot fires on our side of the river,” Hornsby Shire Mayor Philip Ruddock said.

“Residents have an opportunity to prepare their property, with steps such as mowing the lawn and cleaning out the gutters, as well as ensuring their bushfire survival plan is ready.”

Hornsby Shire Council has made space at Wisemans Ferry Recreation Reserve for a Rural Fire Service staging area.

Around 30 trucks are expected there over the weekend, using it as a base for strategic backburning and operational works against the Wollemi fire.

“This is not just about protecting ourselves from the possibility of fire, but doing everything possible to help our neighbours who are in need of assistance,” Mayor Ruddock said.

“One of the most heartening aspects of any disaster like this is the way that communities come together to support each other and we are eager to play our part.”

Visit for details on preparing your home and creating a bushfire survival plan.