A welcome first step towards compensation

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Westleigh Park

Hornsby Shire Council has welcomed the NSW Government’s announcement of $90 million for two major recreational projects.

The funding will go towards the rehabilitation of Hornsby Quarry into a 50-hectare park and the development of new sporting fields at Westleigh.

“These are projects that Hornsby Shire Council has been working towards for a long time and the Government assistance is most welcome,” Hornsby Shire Mayor Philip Ruddock said.

“This is a major win, not just for this Shire but for all the people throughout the region who will utilise these facilities.”

The funding is regarded as a sign of good faith from the NSW Government, a significant step towards mending the financial difficulties created by the Government’s decision to give all of Hornsby Shire’s territory south of the M2 to City of Parramatta Council.

“The Government promised no resident of Hornsby Shire would be worse off because of the border changes and this is an important first step towards keeping that promise,” Mayor Ruddock said.

“We have spent a long time lobbying the Government over this issue, so it is a relief to see that we have been listened to and are beginning to see results.

“The shrinking of our Shire removed $10 million each year from our bottom line and left our budget with a $2 million deficit, forcing us to cancel a number of infrastructure projects.

“Obviously, this payment is not enough to fully compensate the people of Hornsby Shire but it is a very good start.

“We thank the Government for this sign of good faith and we look forward to continuing discussions with them to achieve full compensation.”

IMAGE: Mayor Philip Ruddock and Hornsby MP Matt Kean inspecting the Westleigh site this morning.