Screen on the Green - Mary Poppins has returned!

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There was great excitement in Hornsby Park yesterday as famed British nanny Mary Poppins touched down.

She was here to promote the upcoming Screen on the Green showing of her latest movie, Mary Poppins Returns, and began by apologising for the disruptions to flights across Sydney.

“Sorry, my dears, I didn’t realise you needed a flight permit to travel by umbrella in Sydney,” she said.

“I had trouble reading the small print on the aviation guidelines because I’m currently suffering from a bout of um-diddle-um-diddle-um-diddle eye.

“I’m on medication for it. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down – though it plays havoc with my diabetes.”

Poppins was eager to talk up the movie, a sequel to the 1960s classic based on her life, which will be shown on a big screen in Hornsby Park on Saturday 21 September.

However, she is less impressed with leading actress Emily Blunt, who has said Mary Poppins is creepy.

“What’s creepy about a nanny who takes children onto the roof to dance in the middle of the night?” Poppins asks.

“Or takes them on psychedelic trips with penguin waiters? Pfft, what does Emily Blunt know?”

There will be food available at the screening, though people are also welcome to bring their own.

Poppins did this the last time she went to a movie, with mixed results. Describing the meal, she says, “It was super cauliflower cheese but the lobster was atrocious.”

Screen on the Green

Friday 20 September – Secret Life of Pets
Saturday 21 September – Mary Poppins Returns

5.30pm: Gates open
6.30pm: Movie begins

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