Heritage review for Hornsby Shire

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Hornsby Shire Council will look into options for a significant heritage review, with the primary goal of ensuring that all sites of heritage value are protected.

“Council has always taken heritage very seriously and this is just the latest step in a decades-long process,” Hornsby Shire Mayor Philip Ruddock said.

“Since the first heritage study in the early 1990s there have been five similar reviews to ensure we stay at the leading edge in this field.”

There are currently more than 800 heritage-listed items in Hornsby Shire and six heritage conservation areas – one of them covering most of Beecroft and Cheltenham.

Council also has an active Heritage Advisory Committee and employs two full-time heritage planners.

“Our Shire is rich in heritage and we want to make sure that is preserved for future generations,” Mayor Ruddock said.

“We anticipate that a main focus of a review will be finding items that have not previously been brought to our attention and adding them to the list.

“In doing that we will need support from the community, as we cannot be everywhere at once.

“We will need to hear from you about the buildings and sites in your local area that you feel are significant – there is no value in waiting until the last moment, when they are about to be demolished.”

A review of this size would take around two years and would require assistance from an independent heritage consultant, working closely with the Heritage Advisory Committee.

“The review will also examine Council’s heritage controls and processes to make sure we are undertaking best practice in the industry,” Mayor Ruddock said.

“Hornsby Shire Council is proud to be a leader in heritage preservation and we intend to continue that tradition.”