Help clean up our corner of Australia

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It is soon time again for our national spring cleaning with the annual Clean Up Australia Day and Hornsby Shire Council is urging all residents to get involved.

The event will take place on Sunday 7 March, when thousands of volunteers will be removing litter from our waterways, parks, bushland and other sites.

“Here in the Bushland Shire we have a special responsibility to make sure we clean up as much waste as we possibly can,” Hornsby Shire Mayor Philip Ruddock said.

“Not only do we have all this beautiful native bush to take care of, we also have to be mindful of the precious waterways this damaging litter can run into.

“I urge all residents to help us keep our area tidy, not just by taking part in Clean Up Australia Day but also being mindful of how you dispose of your waste.

“This beautiful place was passed on to us by all of our ancestors and we have to make sure we give the same gift to the generations that follow after.”

Volunteers will be working at a number of sites across Hornsby Shire on Clean Up Australia Day, with Council gathering all they collect at the end of the day.

To find out more and to volunteer to help visit