Free caddies to help unit-dwellers recycle right

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Hornsby Shire Council is undertaking an innovative new project to help residents living in units and apartments to Recycle Right.

Council is giving each apartment a free recycling caddy that can be kept in the kitchen, as well as an information guide on Council’s waste services that can stick to the fridge as a quick reference guide.

The recycling caddies will help residents sort their recyclables and assist them to carry them to the yellow top recycling bin within their complex.

The goal is to encourage residents living in apartments to better separate their recyclables and to eliminate the need for people to carry their recycling to the yellow bin in plastic bags.

Hornsby Shire Mayor Philip Ruddock described it as a cooperative approach, with Council helping residents to separate their recyclables and eliminate contamination of the yellow-top bins, particularly plastic bags.

“We know that most residents are aware of the need for recycling and are eager to help out, but we also know how difficult it can be to sort and carry everything to the bins from their unit,” Mayor Ruddock said.

“They often carry recycling down in plastic bags, then forget to remove the bag before putting the recyclable items in the yellow-top bin.

“This causes significant problems at the recycling centre, as bagged recyclables are not recycled and end up going to landfill, causing a major disruption to the recycling process.

“These caddies give people a free and simple option that allows them to sort their recyclables and to carry their recycling down to the bin free of plastic.

“It’s the latest element of Council’s long-running Recycle Right – Be a Good Sort campaign, doing everything possible to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our community’s recycling efforts.”

There are more than 12,500 units in Hornsby Shire and each will receive a free caddy, beginning from 25 July.

IMAGE: Councillor Janelle McIntosh, Mayor Philip Ruddock, waste project officer Emma Murrell-Orgill, strata manager Wayne Mitchell and Councillor Mick Marr with some of the caddies that will be distributed.