Councillor Representation on Committees

Council Committee / Working Party

Councillor Representation

Bushland Management Advisory Committee (BMAC)

Cr Browne (Chair), Cr Marr (Deputy Chair), Cr Hutchence,

Cr Nicita

Brooklyn Masterplan Project Control Group

Cr Hutchence, Cr Marr, Cr Tilbury,

Cr Waddell

Catchments Remediation Rate (CRR) Expenditure Review Committee

Cr Nicita (Chair), Cr Browne (Deputy Chair)

Floodplain Risk Management Committee (FRMC)

Cr Nicita, Cr Hutchence (Alternate)

Friends of Lisgar Gardens

Cr Browne, Cr Heyde (Alternate)

Homelessness Task Force

Cr Nicita, Cr Marr (Alternate), Cr Waddell (Alternate)

Hornsby Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consultative Committee (HATSICC)

Cr Ruddock, Cr Browne, Cr Heyde,

Cr McIntosh, Cr Nicita, Cr Waddell

Hornsby Art Prize Committee

Cr Browne (Chair)

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Bush Fire Management Committee

Cr Ruddock, Cr Hutchence (Alternate),

Cr Marr (Alternate), Cr McIntosh (Alternate), Cr Tilbury (Alternate)

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Police and Community Youth Club

Cr Browne, Cr Nicita (Alternate)

Hornsby Rural Fire Service Liaison Committee

Cr Hutchence, Cr Ruddock (Alternate),

Cr Nicita (Alternate), Cr McIntosh (Alternate), Cr Tilbury (Alternate)

Hornsby Shire Heritage Advisory Committee

Cr McIntosh (Chair), Cr Browne (Deputy Chair), Cr Heyde, Cr Hutchence,

Cr Nicita (Alternate), Cr Tilbury (Alternate)

Hornsby Shire Local Traffic Committee

Cr Hutchence, Cr Browne (Alternate),

Cr del Gallego (Alternate)

Local Government Reference Group – North West Rail Link Urban Renewal Program

Cr Ruddock, Cr Browne, Cr del Gallego, Cr Heyde, Cr Hutchence, Cr McIntosh

Lower Hawkesbury Estuary Management Committee

Cr Tilbury (Chair), Cr Waddell (Deputy Chair), Cr Marr

Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (NSROC)

Cr Ruddock, Cr Tilbury, Cr Browne (Alternate), Cr del Gallego (Alternate),

Cr Heyde (Alternate), Cr McIntosh (Alternate)

NSW Public Libraries Association

Cr McIntosh, Cr Heyde (Alternate),

Cr Nicita (Alternate)

“Wellum Bulla” Hornsby Shire Council Materials Handling Facility Monitoring Committee

Cr Browne, Cr Hutchence

Waste Strategy Working Group

Cr Ruddock, Cr Tilbury, Cr Marr, Cr Waddell, Cr McIntosh, Cr Browne, Cr Hutchence, Cr Nicita, Cr Heyde, Cr del Gallego