Can I park my boat on the street?

Hornsby Shire Council has joined councils across Sydney to enforce new laws that make it illegal to park boat trailers on residential streets for an unlimited time.

Boat trailers are now restricted from parking on residential streets for more than 28 days and offending trailers will be impounded.

Under the Boat Trailer Impounding Act 2015 legislation, boat trailers have to be moved every 28 days. They must be towed past the nearest cross street, however can be parked back in the same location for a further 28 days.

Council officers have discretion when enforcing the law and will not penalise people who park the boat outside their own home.

These laws are mainly targeted at people from other areas who use their boat a couple of times a year and leave it on our shire’s streets the rest of the time.

If your boat has a sticker placed on it by a Council officer you have 28 days to move it before it is impounded.

If your boat is parked outside your own home and has a sticker placed on it, move the trailer within the 28 days and then phone 9847 6713 to inform Council’s Ranger Services compliance officer that you live there.

If it is not possible to park your boat outside your own home you need to find somewhere off the street you can park it, such as a private property or a commercial storage area.

If your boat has been impounded phone 9847 6713 to arrange for payment of the towing fee and collection of the trailer.