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Public Liability Insurance for not less than $20 Million

The following hirers cannot be covered through Council’s Casual Hirer’s Liability Insurance Policy and, therefore, must hold their own Public Liability insurance cover for not less than $20 million: sporting bodies, registered clubs, associations, corporations or incorporated bodies or any hirer undertaking a commercial or profit making activity. If you are required to hold your own insurance, please provide details of your insurance policy in the table below. For further information on Council’s public liability insurance requirements, please also refer to clause 26 of the Terms and Conditions of Hire Community Venues.

* Insured:
Public liability insurance must be in the same name as recorded on the booking.

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* Expiry Date:

Note: Should a hirer’s public liability insurance policy expire during the term of hire, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure continuity of cover for the entire hire period. Please refer to clause 26 of the Terms and Conditions of Hire Community Venues.