Terms and Conditions

For all hire across Hornsby Shire Council’s network of Community Venues, Terms and Conditions exist to ensure the public and the venues are kept safe and secure.

The Terms and Conditions of Hire Community Venues cover important issues such as:

  • Hirer responsibilities
  • Alcohol consumption in public halls
  • Public Liability Insurance requirements
  • High risk functions
  • Cancellation terms

Prior to booking a venue, it is essential to read the Terms and Conditions of Hire Community Venues and understand. If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions of Hire, please contact the Venue Management Team on or 9847 6050.

Response to COVID-19 – Addendum to the Terms and Conditions of Hire

In response to COVID-19, each hirer is required to implement the NSW Government guidelines for good hygiene and disinfection of high touch areas within the facility.

These requirements are in addition to the existing cleaning process where the hirer must bring cleaning products, including garbage bags, and ensure the venue is left in a clean and tidy condition. This includes the wiping down of all tables and chairs before being put away, sweeping of floors (and mopped if required) and cleaning of kitchen equipment. Bathroom and toilet areas must also be checked, sinks and benches wiped down and paper picked up off the floor.

The booking period must include time for set up, pack up, cleaning and disinfecting within the times stated on the hire application form. Any exception to this is to be approved prior in writing by Council.

Additional requirements, including reduced maximum gathering limits, entry and exit points, health and hygiene and disinfecting high touch areas are now required to be implemented. Please read through the Addendum to the Terms and Conditions of Hire - 124kb

Do you require Public Liability Insurance to hire a Council Community Venue?

The hirer must arrange public liability insurance for not less than $20,000,000 for the duration of the hiring activity. Private insurance arrangements are to be organised if the hirer or third party:

  1. Is a sporting body, registered club, association, corporation or incorporated body;
  2. Is undertaking a commercial or profit-making activity.

Individuals or community groups who are not undertaking the activities mentioned above, will be covered up to $20,000,000 by Council’s Casual Hirers Public Liability Policy.

Hirers should note that a two thousand dollar ($2,000.00) excess is applicable to Council’s Casual Hirers Public Liability Policy. Where any claim for property damage or personal injury is made against this Policy, this excess of $2,000.00 is payable by the hirer.

Hirer’s employing professionals, i.e. jumping castles, fairies, catering, disc jockeys and the like, should make enquiries to establish they also have adequate public liability cover in effect.

Public liability insurance must be in the same name as recorded on the booking. Should a hirer’s public liability insurance policy expire during the term of hire, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure continuity of cover for the entire hire period. A lapse of insurance constitutes a breach of the Terms and Conditions of Hire Community Venues. Council may at any time request evidence of such public liability cover.

Third Parties

A Third party is an individual or organisation engaged to perform a service during the hire period. Common third parties include, but not limited to, paid professionals such as caterers, face painters, entertainers, and guest speakers, DJs, security guards and jumping castles. The hirer is responsible for the third party they have engaged and ensure they abide by the Terms and Conditions of Hire Community Venues whist in attendance at the booking.

Casual Hire forms