Abandoned shopping trolleys

shopping trolleys

Abandoned shopping trolleys left outside the grounds of a shopping centre can be reported to the trolley’s owner for collection.

If you see an abandoned trolley and would like it collected, please use the information below to identify the appropriate collection service and then report the trolley for collection using your choice of phone, online, email and mobile app tools.

To report a trolley for collection using retailer reporting systems please follow these three steps:

  1. Identify the retailer that owns the trolley
  2. Match the retailer to the appropriate reporting system (see below)
  3. Use the Reporting System to report the trolley for collection
StoreReporting System

Coles Trolley Collect

App: Download the free Coles Supermarket App from App Store for Apple Devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices

Phone: 1800 876 553 (1800 TROLLEY) 7 days, 24 hours a day

Online: report online here

Big W

Trolley Tracker

App: Download the free Trolley Tracker App from App Store for Apple Devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices

Phone: 1800 641 497 (7 days, 8am-6pm)

Online: report online here

Dan Murphy’s

If the retailer that owns the trolley does not offer a reporting system, please contact that retailer’s closest store for assistance.

More information

Whilst Council firstly encourages proactive community reporting of abandoned trolleys to allow trolley collection services to collect abandoned trolleys, Council acknowledges that abandoned trolleys are a  community concern. Council has over time engaged a range of different strategies, adapting to changing circumstances, to attempt to resolve the issue of trolleys abandoned in public places.

Council’s current approach has been to engage with retailers and shopping centre managers to investigate ways to reduce the number of abandoned shopping trolleys left on streets surrounding shopping centres in Hornsby Shire. In March 2017, following discussions with Hornsby Shire Council, Westfield Hornsby and their retailers have agreed to install appropriate trolley control solutions to ensure that trolleys are maintained within the shopping centre boundary. Council is now in the process of engaging similar targeted strategies in abandoned trolley hot spots.