Bulky Waste Collection (Kerbside cleanup)

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Important information about kerbside cleanups

  • Place items for collection on the naturestrip at the front of your property no earlier than the weekend before the cleanup date.
  • The maximum volume per collection is three cubic metres (3m3). If you exceed this amount you will be requested to remove it.
  • Place metal items in a separate pile for recycling.
  • Make sure items can be easily lifted by two people.
  • Residents of medium density units must place their cleanup materials in the designated collection area.
  • Council’s contractor has the right to refuse any unsuitable items.

Remember: placing your kerbside rubbish out too early before your kerbside clean-up is considered illegally dumping.

Accepted items

The following items CAN be put out for collection:
  • Broken and discarded furniture
  • Toys and bicycles
  • Appliances and fittings, including white goods (please remove the doors from refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washing machines, dryers and cupboards)
  • Household items and bric-a-brac (must be bagged or boxed)
  • Rolled carpet and underlay (up to 12 square metres)
  • Roof guttering (up to 2 metres long)
  • Small metal items

Unacceptable items

The following items WILL NOT be collected:
  • Bushes, green waste, tree stumps and trunks
  • Garbage and food waste
  • Industrial, business, farm or trade waste
  • Building, demolition or renovation materials
  • Motor vehicle bodies, engines, tyres, batteries and parts
  • Gas bottles or dangerous goods
  • Concrete, bricks, rocks and dirt
  • Any liquids (including paints, chemicals, oils etc.)
  • Sheets of glass
  • Anything larger than 2 metres in length

Check the A-Z Waste and Recycling Guide for more information on how to dispose of these things.

Collection dates

>> Find my kerbside collection dates. (Please note: you will be asked to read and accept some terms and conditions before searching for your address in the database.)

Houses, townhouses and villas receive 2 scheduled kerbside cleanups a year. You can find your clean up dates using the above link.

Medium density units (those under four-storeys) receive monthly kerbside cleanups. All unwanted items must be placed in your designated collection area.

High density units (four storeys or above) do not receive kerbside cleanups. Contact your building manager or cleaner regarding your building policy for removal of unwanted household goods or your take your unwanted items to a waste management centre.

Other ways to dispose of unwanted goods

If you have unwanted items which are still in good condition, consider donating them to a charity, or host a garage sale.