Compost Revolution

I've joined the Compost Revolution

The Compost Revolution is a community initiative, which started in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and is spreading north to Hornsby Shire, which promotes home composting, growing food locally and connecting with your neighbours.

Did you know food waste makes up almost 40% material in the red lid garbage bin? In Australia an estimated $5.3 billion of food or 20% of purchased food each year is discarded to landfill making it the most wasted commodity in Australian households. But is food waste even waste? Or the start of a beautiful thing called compost?

Why compost?

Join the Compost Revolution! Turn your food scraps and garden clippings into compost. Not only will you avoid waste but you will be able to hold on to those valuable nutrients and use them to nourish your soil, leading to a healthier garden that requires less water and no synthetic fertilizers.

Why join?

Join the Compost Revolution and you and your family will:
  • have fun and meet people in your community
  • receive financial assistance to purchase composting/wormfarming equipment
  • learn how to compost/wormfarm properly
  • receive ongoing personal composting/wormfarming support

Join the Compost Revolution

Join online or attend one of our free composting and wormfarming workshops.