South Dural Planning Proposal

Hornsby Shire Council has received a proposal to rezone land in Dural to allow for urban development.

South Dural

South Dural Planning Proposal - Public Exhibition

In response to overwhelming community interest, the exhibition period for the South Dural Planning Proposal was extended by a further 3 weeks to maximise the opportunity for community input, and closed 23 December 2016.

The extension of the exhibition period will not impact on the assessment timeframe for the independent peer review of the Proposal which is progressing concurrently with the exhibition.

The following documents were on exhibition:

Planning Proposal and associated documents

Community Drop-in Sessions

Council also held 3 community drop-in sessions, where the following documents were on display:

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Update - February 2017

Council has resolved to discontinue its evaluation of the South Dural Planning Proposal until an agreed infrastructure plan is prepared.

Council’s support for investigations into the urban release of the South Dural precinct was conditional upon preparation of an agreed plan for the delivery of the upgrade of the State road network and other supporting infrastructure to support development of the precinct.  Recent feedback from the Hon. Duncan Gay, the then Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight indicates the infrastructure offer from the proponent is unlikely to compare favourably on a cost benefit analysis to other areas such as the North West Priority Growth Area when prioritising government expenditure.

In response, Council at its General Meeting on 8 February 2017, considered Mayoral Minute MM 1/17 and resolved (in part), to discontinue its evaluation of the South Dural Planning Proposal and work with the State Government and The Hills Council to develop a clear vision for the rural areas in the region including an infrastructure and funding plan to cater for existing and future development.  Council also resolved to request that The Hills Shire, Blacktown and Hawkesbury councils not progress any planning proposals that would generate further traffic on the existing road network around South Dural until a plan is prepared.

Council has written to the relevant NSW Government Ministers and The Hills Council seeking their support on this issue to avoid an ad-hoc planning outcome resulting from site specific planning proposals and the proliferation of seniors housing developments.

A copy of the Mayoral Minute is attached.

Update - December 2016

In response to overwhelming community interest, the exhibition period for the South Dural Planning Proposal was extended by 3 weeks to maximise the opportunity for community input. The extended exhibition period is from Wednesday 5 October to Friday 23 December 2016. Council will endeavour to acknowledge the receipt of all submissions received by early 2017.

The proposal and submissions received during the exhibition period are currently being reviewed and a report on the Planning Proposal is anticipated to be reported to Council for consideration by mid 2017. Submitters will be advised of the date of the future Council meeting at which the matter will be considered, and invited to attend.

Update - October 2016

The Proposal identifies opportunities for approximately 2900 additional dwellings within 5 precincts surrounding the Georges Creek Vegetation Corridor which is proposed to be retained. Proposed housing forms include a mix of detached housing, townhouses and apartment buildings.

The Proposal is also supported by an Infrastructure Strategy and Business Case which outlines a funding approach for local infrastructure and regional road network improvements to support the proposal.

Update - February 2016

A Gateway Determination extension has been granted by the Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E) for the South Dural Planning Proposal.

The Gateway Determination for South Dural was issued on 7 March 2014 and provided a two year period to finalise the Planning Proposal. At its meeting on 9 December 2015, Council resolved to write to the DP&E to request an extension of the Gateway Determination for a further 24 months. Council has received an alteration of the Gateway Determination from the DP&E permitting a 24 month extension. The timeframe for completing the Local Environmental Plan is 14 March 2018.

Update - January 2016

A Funding Agreement has been executed to facilitate the progression of the Gateway Determination for the South Dural Planning Proposal.

At its meeting on 9 December 2015, Council resolved to adopt and execute the Funding Agreement submitted by Statewide Property Ventures and endorse the formation of a Control Group to prepare and submit Technical Studies and Precinct Plan.

The Funding Agreement provides a resource for Council’s participation in meetings and to undertake a review of submitted Technical Studies and Precinct Plan.

Security of $1 Million has been provided via Bank Guarantees to be progressively released upon finalisation of Council’s review and following exhibition and a final decision of Council.

The proponent is now progressing to engage a consultant team to prepare the necessary technical studies and plans required to inform a submission to Council.

Update - November 2015

Statewide Property Ventures has recently presented a submission to Council which outlines an alternate approach to the preparation of the Technical Studies and Precinct Plan, including the formation of a Control Group.

The submission includes a letter of support from the South Dural Residents and Ratepayers Group, a revised Funding Agreement and governance model outline which includes an independent Probity Advisor.

A report has been prepared for consideration by Council at its meeting on 9 December 2015.

View the Council report and associated Funding Agreement

Background information

A proposal has been submitted to Council by a consultant on behalf of the South Dural Residents and Ratepayers Group. It seeks to rezone land known as South Dural (bounded by New Line Road, Old Northern Road and Hastings Road, Dural) to allow residential subdivision as well as schools and shops.

Council resolved to investigate the rezoning and sent a planning proposal to the NSW Government seeking its position on the matter.

The Government has issued a Gateway Determination, which authorises the rezoning investigation to begin.

View the Gateway Determination - 127kb

View the Planning Proposal - 16MB

View the Council report and resolution (Item 16)

What happens next?

A number of studies need to be undertaken, all of which will be paid for by the proponent.

Once completed the studies and any resulting concept plans will be placed on exhibition for public comment.

The process and estimated timeframes

Council has engaged an independent consultant team to undertake a peer review of the South Dural Planning Proposal concurrent with its public exhibition.

Preliminary feedback from the consultant team is due later this month (December) and will inform the preparation of a recommendations report

Completion of the recommendations report is not expected before the first quarter of 2017, following which the matter would be presented to Council at a public meeting.

Dependant on the findings of the review, Council may either

  • resolve not to progress
  • progress with minor amendments
  • re-exhibit the proposal should major amendments be required

Finalisation of the Planning Proposal is required by March 2018 in accordance with the Gateway Determination issued by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

Should assessment of the Planning Proposal extend beyond this period, an extension of the Gateway would be required.