Hornsby RSL Club Planning Proposal

This proposal seeks to amend the HLEP 2013 and HDCP for the purpose of allowing a hotel development, residential apartments, increased car parking, club space and a seniors housing development.

The Planning Proposal applies to the following properties:

  • Site 1: Nos. 1A & 3-7 William Street and 2 Ashley Lane, Hornsby (Hornsby RSL Community and Public Car Park)
  • Site 2: No. 4 High Street, Hornsby (Hornsby RSL Club)
  • Site 3: Nos. 7 – 19 Ashley Street and 2 - 4 Webb Avenue, Hornsby (vacant land)

Update – August 2016

A Gateway Determination was issued by Department of Planning and Environment for the Hornsby RSL Club Planning Proposal on 14 June 2017.

The Gateway Determination authorises that the Hornsby RSL Club Planning Proposal should proceed subject to a number of conditions.

The planning proposal is required (in part) to be updated with the following:

  • Include a heritage assessment which assess the heritage significance of the War Memorial hall heritage item;
  • Identify maximum number of car spaces for the proposed seniors housing site; and
  • Include amending supporting maps, plain English explanation of the intended effect of the proposed LEP provisions, and clarity regarding the building height standards.

Upon completion of the above, a public exhibition of the proposal will commence and affected landowners notified.

Click here to view the Gateway Determination


The Proposal seeks to amend the Hornsby Local Environmental Plan 2013 (HLEP) and Hornsby Development Control Plan (HDCP) as summarised below:

  • Amend the Height of Building Map to increase the maximum permissible height as follows:
    • Site 1: from 26.5m (8 storeys) to 48m (15 storeys)
    • Site 2: from 26.5m (8 storeys) to 38.5m (12 storeys)
    • Site 3: from 10.5m (2 storeys plus attic) to 21.5m (6 storeys)
  • Amend Clause 4.4(2D) of the HLEP to include public car parks as a ground floor use if the development is for the purpose of shop top housing.
  • Amend the relevant figures in the HDCP to include Site 3 within the West Side Precinct (Part 4 Business of the HDCP) and amendments to reflect the desired built form, including building height, ground floor minimum setbacks, wall height and podium setbacks.

The Proposal is for the purpose of permitting, with Development Consent, a hotel development, residential apartments, increased car parking, club space and a seniors housing development.

Group Manager’s Report PL7/17 in relation to the Planning Proposal was considered by Council at its meeting on 8 February 2017. The Planning Proposal and associated attachments can be viewed in full below:

For further information regarding this Planning Proposal, please contact Hornsby Shire Council’s Strategic Planning Team on (02) 9847 6726.