Hornsby Local Environmental Plan

The Hornsby Local Environmental Plan (HLEP) 2013 is Council’s principal governing environmental planning instrument. The HLEP 2013 consists of a written instrument and a number of maps.  The HLEP 2013 determines what can be developed and where, and how much development can occur.

Written instrument and notes

The written instrument includes legal definitions of development types and land use tables for different zones that describe what development is permissible or prohibited under the given zones.  The written instrument also contains key development standards and special provisions to address land constraint issues, such as land acquisition, biodiversity and flood prone land.

The HLEP is supported by a set of explanatory notes that presents the main provisions of the Plan in a plain English format and includes a Land Use Matrix which assists in determining the permissibility of development in a zone.

The HLEP 2013 came into effect on 11 October 2013 and has subsequently been amended.  The current version of the HLEP 2013 can be viewed on the NSW Legislation website.  PDFs of the HLEP 2013 Table of Amendments, Explanatory Notes and Land Use Matrix can be downloaded below.  The PDFs below can only be opened with Adobe Reader 9 or higher. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader.


The Land Application Map and eleven map types have been prepared to identify the planning controls in a consistent map grid to cover the relevant parts of the Shire for each map type.  Accordingly, to identify what planning controls apply to your property, simply locate what map grid your property is located within the Land Zoning Map and look for the same map grid in the other map types. The HLEP 2013 Maps can be viewed on the NSW Legislation website.

To simplify the process of identifying what planning controls apply to a property, Council has launched its new Interactive Mapping Application, which can be accessed on desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones by clicking on the relevant link below.

For Desktop use

For tablet/mobile use

Council is seeking feedback regarding the web mapping application's functionality and useability. Please click on the link below to fill out a survey and send us your feedback.

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The HLEP 2013 Written Instrument, Explanatory Notes and Maps can also be purchased from Council as a hard copy or on CD.

For further guidance on how development may occur, see the Hornsby Development Control Plan.


Community Workshop

A workshop was held on Tuesday, 8 April 2014 to assist interested members of the community understand the Hornsby LEP 2013 and Hornsby DCP 2013.  A copy of the presentation (PDF 8mb) given at the workshop is attached for broader community reference.


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