Comment on a DA

Members of the public have a chance to comment on every DA and their submissions are taken into account during the approval process.

Comment on a DA

Comment online

The first step is to find the DA you would like to comment on, using the Application Enquiry system.

Make sure the status says it is still in the notification period, as submissions made after that time will not be taken into account as part of the approval process. You can find out the end date of the notification period by viewing one of the notification letters that will be attached to the bottom of the DA.

Click on the link at the bottom that says “Contact us about this application” and write your comments in the email that will appear.

You can also email your submission directly to but make sure you refer to the DA number and/or the address of the property.

Comment in writing

You can also send your submission in writing by posting it to Hornsby Shire Council, PO Box 37, Hornsby NSW 1630.

Make sure you refer to the DA number and/or the address of the property in your submission.

Development disputes

Hornsby Shire Council has a code to help resolve disputes resulting from development issues. Its goal is to establish an effective and equitable process for the resolution of disputes.

Facilitation and Mediation of Development Issues - 72kb