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Due to the number of entries in the Young Creatives category, Young Creatives will now be exhibited at Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre.’

Congratulations to the following artists / works that have been selected to compete and exhibit as part of Re-magine 2017.

Artists NameName of Artwork
Lesley Richman WASTED
Joanne Mulcahy-Zubani Wetlands In Reduction
Susan May Mitchell A Year Flies By
Sophie Marsham Facing ducks
Sophie Marsham 2 Ducks
Avril Kirk A thousand petals..A thousand stories
Avril Kirk Rust Ripple
Stephanie Powell Edison and Edward Piano Hands
Stephanie Powell A Common Thread
Nicole Robertson Golden Dragon Nest
Natasha Jackson the forest for the trees
Matt Francis Small Side Table
Matt Francis Small Side Light
Ruben Steffens Future City
Harry Jackson iCARUS
Judith Price "Tim Silverwood and The Great Pacific Garbage Patch"
Judith Price “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread”
Nidhi Sabariram Self Portrait
Alice Kucera Scrap Styled
Sunshine Art Studios 'Bagnolias'
Nicole Robertson The Golden Vessel
Nicole Robertson Insect Hotel
Carolyn Faye Cooper 3 x Bar Tailed Godwits
Gunnel Diana Watkins Connected Space
Mattia Candotti Onion Beanie
Juliet Elizabeth Holden Fractured bleaching
Megan MacPherson Renovated for sale
Freya Jobbins 'Favourit ism'
Anastasiya Potapenko Rescue Pups!
Wendy Anne Schuster Pepsicoca-cola bettleus
Barbara Kay Hamilton Bug Light and Friends
Beverly June Beck Feather
Beverly June Beck Split Sapphire
Toon Hideura Global Warming
Peter MacKie Mandala of beginnings and endings
Angela van Boxtel Key to Knowledge
Barbara Kay Hamilton Glossy Black Cockatoos
Sarah Ethel Jane Murray The Original Milk Container
Gemma Rasdall McCarrs Creek
Mia Ferguson Read-magine
Sandra Anne Cooper Suspended
Angela van Boxtel Sit on It (Your Waste)
Lidia Mincev Winged Bookm (Anselm's wings)
Christine Matthews A Conscionable Practice?
Corinna Lueg Dear Dairy
Corinna Lueg Monopoly
Corinna Lueg O Tannenbaum
Corinna Lueg Chickens don't like Rain
Zachariah James Fenn Waste Net (Want Not)
Georgia Gourlay Egalitarian (left wing) to be sold as a pair
Leonie-Kirsten Robison Out on a Limb
Georgia Gourlay Egalitarian (right wing)  to be sold as a pair
Barbara Kay Hamilton Redress - Reuse - Recycle

Jae Eddison

Wallflowers & the 2017 B&S ball

Terms and conditions for general entry
Terms and conditions for Young Creatives entry


Over $10,000 in prize money is available to winners and runners up in the following categories:

Waste 2 Art Prize

Awarded to the artwork which best demonstrates the concept of resource recovery - turning waste into a work of art – through innovative use of an everyday man made item.

Sustainability Prize

Awarded to the artwork which best communicates a message on contemporary sustainability issues, through the use of an everyday man made item.

Young Creatives Prize

Open to young people up to 24 years of age – for the artwork which best demonstrates the concept of resource recovery - turning waste into a work of art – through innovative use of an everyday man made item.

All Entrants are eligible for:

People's Choice Award

Open to all entries in the competition/exhibition, voted by visitors to the exhibition.

Cleanaway Award

$100 as determined by the sponsor for excellence in resource recovery in art.


Selected entries will be judged by a panel of judges and exhibited as part of the ‘Re-magine’ Art Exhibition at Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre from Wednesday 31 May to Sunday 18 June 2017.

2016 Entries

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Re-magine 2016

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Hornsby Shire Council

Waste Management Services BranchHornsby Shire Council Waste Depot
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